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ELLTA Conference: Perspectives on Leadership, Learning and Social Enterprise in Asia

29 Jun 2017

The conference invites original contributions on the following Key Themes:

    Leadership in/ and Context (Asia)
    Learning Organisation/ Organisational Learning in Context (Asia)
    Enterprise-led Development, Social Business and Transformation: Perspectives from Asia
    Researching Context/ Context-based  Research
    Learning and Change: Asia in Focus

Academics from various fields, with an interest in the above themes, are welcome to present their papers. The conference has a multidisciplinary emphasis and, therefore, inviting contributions from across disciplines, e.g.

           Social Sciences,
           Development and Sustainable Development Studies,
           Science and Technology,
           Business and Economics,
           Political Science,
           Social work

Comparative studies, involving Asia, are also of great interest to the conference.

Papers are welcome on formal as well as informal leadership, and on adult learning as well as school education. Moreover, the submissions should not be limited to examining learning in formal/ institutional settings only; we look at learning contexts more broadly so as to include the informal settings, the community or extra-institutional spaces as well.� Contributors should feel free to choose to focus on any particular part, region, culture or religion in Asia or on Asia in general.� Any kind of academic work is welcome, such as case studies, other empirical work, literature reviews, conceptual papers, etc. However, in the contributions, we look for original work that has not been published already or submitted elsewhere for any such consideration.

This year, based on earlier experiences, the 4th conference puts more explicit attention to Collaborative Research and Publishing in the domain of leadership, learning and social enterprise in Asia, and also on bridging the gap between academia and practitioners.

More information is available at this link: http://www.ellta.org/ellta-2017/