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Love is All Around AIT

24 Feb 2021

Students, faculty and staff members at the Asian Institute of Technology are confessing their love on Valentine’s Day. From short meaningful messages, we hear from the AITians what they love about the institute they share.

Shuang Wang, China
Student of MBA at SOM
“I love AIT because I love the natural and peaceful environment on the campus. I meet many nice professors and friends. I am also learning many interesting things here.”
Shuang Wang

Htet Kamin Ko Ko, Myanmar
Student of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System at SET
“I love AIT because of the green. You can see trees and lakes everywhere around AIT. Another thing that I love is AIT’s people. They are really nice, kind and willing to help.”

Htet Kamin Ko Ko

Professor Dr. Thammarat Koottatep, Thailand
Faculty member of Marine Plastics Abatement at SERD
“I love AIT because it’s love at first sight, I think. When I was visiting AIT as a newcomer 30 years ago, I found AIT to be very green, very nice, and very beautiful. And, of course, there’s a football field, that’s why I love AIT.”

Warrapol Thawilapwattana, Thailand
Student of Energy at SERD and President of Student Union
“Studying at AIT does not only improve my academic skills, but also personal soft skills — the way I communicate to have a better understanding of people, especially those from different countries with different cultures. Because of this, it is hard to deny that AIT has made me a better person.”

Warrapol Thawilapwattana


Pathum Dulanjana, Sri Lanka
Student of Energy at SERD
“What I love about AIT is its diversity. There are more than a thousand people from more than 26 different countries around the world at AIT. So, I have friends from around the globe here at AIT.”

Pathum Dulanjan

Aakanchya Budhathoki and Abhishek Bahadur Shah, Nepal
Alumni of Water Engineering Management and MBA
“The most important things for me are the research, academic facilities, networking opportunities, and the opportunity to get to know new people from around the world. On that note, it’s something very special for us, because AIT has brought us together and we are happily married now. We love AIT.”

Nadhika Mendhaka, Thailand
Senior Graphic Designer at the Office of Public Affairs
“First time I came here, I was impressed by many big trees, fresh air and a peaceful environment — it’s like a green paradise. That’s why I applied for a job here, and I have been in love with AIT ever since.”

Nadhika Mendhaka

M.L. Thanisa Choombala, Thailand
Director of Language Center
“I love AIT because I get to do what I love every day, and that is teaching all of our wonderful students and working with people from different cultures.”

M.L. Thanisa Choombala