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Arriving at AIT campus – Things you need to know

31 Jul 2022
AIT webmaster

By Apivith Taesuwan and Office of Public Affairs

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is delighted to welcome its students in person after over two years of online engagement. 

Studying in an international institution is an exhilarating and pleasing experience that comes along with some challenges. The transition from an undergraduate degree to a Master’s and Ph.D. represents a huge step forward, especially for those moving abroad. The exhilarating experience of living independently, away from home to pursue your dreams in the company of new people, and the responsibilities of managing your finances and schedules can be overwhelming initially. Nevertheless, do not let your concerns get the better of you. The welcoming and helpful team at AIT is always there to support you. In addition, AIT’s campus, environment, and facilities will ensure you a pleasant experience irreplaceable elsewhere. 

Here are a few facts about AIT! 

Founded in 1959, AIT is an international English-speaking postgraduate institution focusing on engineering, environment, and management studies. The mission of AIT in the context of the emerging environment is “to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy.”

AIT has upheld its place as a leader in addressing sustainable development and social impact in the region by meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Enhancing its position in the last two years, AIT currently ranks 101-200 in the global THE Impact Rankings for its engagement with SDGs in terms of teaching, outreach and campus operation. 

Academic Programs

AIT operates three schools; the School of Engineering & Technology (SET)School of Environment, Resources & Development (SERD), and School of Management (SOM). With 60+ world-class faculty from 28 countries, AIT offers over 40 academic programs and 1078 graduate courses. AIT has a well-equipped lab and smart learning technologies. There are over 300 ongoing research projects in the various departments. The curriculum throughout each school and specific courses vary, and some may be more rigorous than others. The best way to avoid being overwhelmed is to organize assigned tasks ahead of time to maintain a well-balanced calendar of academic and personal life. 

Today, AIT’s internationally recognized engineering, environment, and management graduates are highly sought after by employers regionally and globally. As a result, we hope to provide you with the necessary skills, capabilities, and opportunity to work towards sustaining AIT’s bright future, community, and values.


AIT’s main campus is located in a beautiful lush green area in Khlong Luang, Pathumthani Province of Thailand, approximately 40 km (25 miles) north of Bangkok and about 65 kilometers from the Suvarnabhumi Airport. AIT also has a city campus located in downtown Bangkok.


Thailand has a subtropical climate, and the weather doesn’t vary much. On average, the temperature is usually 30-37 degrees Celsius during the hottest month, and during cooler months, it’s around 30 degrees Celsius. April is the warmest month, while the monsoon starts in May and lasts till October. Thailand is hot and humid throughout the year, so clothing with breathable materials like Cotton, Linen, and Silk is highly recommended. One should never forget to stay hydrated and protect from the sun using hats, caps, and sunscreens.


AIT is an international English-speaking postgraduate institution that makes communicating easier for students. However, not everyone outside of the campus speaks English. While new technologies and translation apps will make communication easier, it is better to learn a few words and phrases that will always come in handy when communicating with a Thai person. Say “Sawadee Kha/Khap” when greeting someone and “Khop Kun Kha/Khap” to say thank you. You may choose to learn the Thai language by enrolling in the dedicated Thai Language Classes that are run by the AIT Language Center each semester.


AIT provides high-quality on-campus accommodation for students. You will find different options to choose from – air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned; cooking or non-cooking; single or shared occupancy. AIT also has family units, which will be beneficial if you are moving to Thailand with your family, including children. The students are provided with various amenities, and the rooms are fully furnished with regular maintenance services. Accommodations suitable for disabled, wheelchair users, and those needing extra space for special equipment are also available.


Thailand is a heaven for food lovers, which you will notice as soon as you land here. You will find equally diverse options for your palate inside and outside the campus. AIT has two food court-style cafeterias and two Thai restaurants within the campus premises, where you can get varieties of Asian cuisines, including food and drinks, and from breakfast to dinner. There are also a number of cafes across the campus, serving hot and cold beverages, baked items, snacks, and others. You can find all the eateries within the campus at the touch of a button using Google Maps.

Outside AIT, you will find several eateries on the premises of our next-door neighbor, Thammasat University. Do check out U-Village and Thammasat night market, which are easily accessible by bicycle or taxi, to treat yourself to various cuisines.


Most students have their bicycles to travel around the campus. The campus’s vicinity, including Thammasat University, is bicycle friendly, with bicycle tracks covering most of the area. Even when riding on the road, vehicles and motorbikes are cautious around the campus. Do make sure to be vigilant and take necessary precautions while riding your bike outside the campus.

AIT Bus Stop

You can use a bus or a taxi to visit nearby malls, grocery shops, or downtown Bangkok. Air-conditioned buses are available right outside the campus that goes directly to Bangkok and through several popular junctions such as Future Park Mall, Makro Departmental Store, Don Mueng Airport, and many others. Download the Via Bus app to check bus routes, track the real-time location of the busses, and plan your travel. You can also book a taxi or a bike ride from your phone using apps like GrabBolt, or inDriver. Or you can go to the AIT Gate No. 1 to avail of a taxi, which is generally available 24 hours.

Multicultural Community

Home to around 1600 students and 500+ faculty and staff from more than 50 nationalities, and of different religious and ethnic groups, with diverse language, food, and culture, AIT operates as a multicultural community with a cosmopolitan approach to living and learning. You will meet and study with people from all around the world. Connect with fellow students and enhance your network by attending the numerous events that AIT organizes on a regular basis.


In the classroom, AIT fosters diversity and internationality, so be prepared to interact with the multicultural community. For some students, this could be their first exposure to an international environment. The first week of acclimatization may be challenging, but if you are open-minded and respectful, you will have no trouble fitting in.

Student Opportunities

AIT places a high priority on its students’ academic and professional development outside of the regular courses. Student opportunities, such as Student Assistantship (Teaching, Research, and Staff Assistant), International Exchange Programs, and Internships, are available throughout the semester and will be significant steps in building your career. 

Recreational Activities

AIT has always placed a high priority on social activities, and there are various types of recreation activities provided at the campus. The activities on campus are golf, swimming, basketball, badminton, tennis, volleyball, football, cricket, hockey, running, and squash. AIT also has a multipurpose gymnasium and a recreational area, “Wellness Park” that caters to children and adults alike. The recreation activities here at AIT will ensure that you can socialize with friends and remain active and healthy while on campus.

Student Union and Societies

AIT has a Student Union, a student-led body that plans and organizes different activities to assist students in their academic, personal, and professional endeavors. In addition, several groups and communities organize events and gatherings to strengthen harmony among the students on campus. These events can be a great platform to connect with fellow students, faculty, researchers, and professionals inside and outside AIT.

Below are some of the country-specific AIT communities; scan the QR code and join your group to get information and assistance for your fellow countrymen

Home to different species of flora and fauna

When walking into the lush green atmosphere of the campus, you can expect a peaceful environment away from the hustle of the busy city of Bangkok. AIT has a diverse variety of flora and faunas and is home to many birds, animals, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. AIT’s numerous ponds are also home to different fish species, and many students spend a relaxing afternoon or evening feeding them with bread crumbs and fish food. For most students, it’s their first encounter with Monitor Lizards. One can spot the monitors roaming around the campus, swimming in the pond, relaxing anywhere, or hunting fish and crustaceans. Although they may look scary, don’t be alarmed, they aren’t dangerous and will not attack unless provoked or threatened. Just be sure to keep a distance while observing them.

Other On-Campus Facilities

✔ Library 

✔ 24 hours Medical Service 

✔ Photocopy and Printing shops nearby SU Snack Bar and behind AIT Library

✔ Book Store in AIT Arcade

✔ Prayer Room nearby SU Snack Bar

✔ Grocery Stores/7-Eleven Convenience Shop

✔ Laundry Services in different student and staff housing units

✔ Bicycle Repairing Shop nearby SU Snack Bar

✔ Hair Salon in AIT Arcade

We look forward to welcoming you all to our beautiful campus.

Good to know:

Thai Cultural Etiquette

When visiting a foreign country, it is always important to try our best to blend in with the locals in terms of gestures and actions. The same is true in Thailand; we will walk you through the most important etiquette in Thailand. Some Do’s and Don’t can be found here.