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AIT extends MOU and renews MOA with Siam University Thailand

12 Aug 2022
AIT webmaster

By Office of Public Affairs

9 August 2022 – Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Siam University (SU) strengthened their partnerships by extending their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and renewing their Memorandum of Agreement (MoA).

The original MoU was signed on 11th May 2017, and was in effect for five years. In light of the mutual interest to upgrade collaborative relations to a higher level, AIT and SU desired to extend and renew the original MoU for a further period of five years.

Similarly, the MoA, first signed in November 2017 was renewed to serve as a framework for cooperation and is intended to step-up academic and scientific cooperation between AIT and SU.

The MoA follows the MoU signed between AIT and SU under its main objectives to develop joint academic activities and educational linkages. The objective of the MoA is to offer the International Unified Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree Program by the two institutions.

These agreements will promote AIT and SU among Thai and international students through the unique International Unified Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program. It aims to prepare trained batches of future AIT and SU graduates for quality research. Focusing on emerging areas of research and innovation, the program offers students an opportunity for quality higher education and accelerated graduation, producing global engineering leaders with international exposure.

Highlighting that the continuation of MoU and MoA further strengthens the bond between AIT and SU, AIT President Dr. Eden Woon expressed hope that the alliance will be beneficial for students, faculty, and staff.  He mentioned, “This (the partnership) was a good start, and we have already seen some accomplishments. I expect the renewed agreement will lead to higher levels of collaboration between the two institutions in various areas as there are significant positive outcomes we can accomplish together.”

“AIT has been very strong in sustainable development goals, environment, engineering and management. We are also looking into other fields for opportunities. Possibly we can collaborate in health and wellness, entrepreneurship and innovation”, he added.

Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, President of Siam University, acknowledged AIT for the continuation of the MoU and MoA. Talking about different areas where AIT and SU can collaborate, he said, “In the future, we aim to move beyond teaching to research and innovation. SU is aiming to expand in different disciplines in addition to engineering, including information technology, food technology, medical technology, and automobile among others”. 

Mentioning that SU is young in terms of research, Dr. Mongkhonvanit also expressed interest in learning from the experience and expertise of AIT. “There are various things we can learn from the outstanding experience of AIT. However, the priority, for now, is to strengthen the unified program in engineering and IT and explore further opportunities” he added.

Prof. Dieter Trau, Dean, School of Engineering and Technology, and Director, AIT Entrepreneurship Center talked about the school and the entrepreneurship centers and the potential areas where AIT and SU can work together. He said, “AIT EC organizes many programs and activities in a hybrid mode such as talks, workshops, and hackathons where students from around the world participate. This is something we can start right away to work together.”

He further highlighted the various facilities at AIT, including the laboratories, and academic and research centers. He also introduced AIT’s new program in medical engineering and the new Center for Health Awareness and Technology.  He further added, “We are always seeking external members to collaborate. There will be ample opportunities and potential for innovation.” 

Prof. Nitin Kumar Tripathi stressed that AIT and SU have a strong unified program and stated that the institutions will work hard to strengthen it by exploring other areas of collaboration. “We can organize workshops to understand the strengths of both the institutions and find pathways to complement each other. We can also introduce new programs, such as a certificate program for skill development to attract a wider range of students.” 

Participants in this MoU ceremony from AIT included AIT President Dr. Eden Woon; Dean of School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Prof. Dieter Trau; Director-Special Degree Program -Prof. Nitin Kumar Tripathi; Deputy Director of Office of Public Affairs (OPA) Mr. Sanjeet Amatya; Director of Office of Thailand Affairs (OTA) Ms. Chalita Lertwinyu; Manager (OTA) Mr. Samuch Oupala; Coordinator of Office of International Affairs (OIA) Ms. Danielle Duan; and Special Degree Programs (SDP) Arthur Lance Gonzales and Ranadheer Mandadi.

Delegates from Siam University included Dr. Pornchai Mongkhonvanit, President; Prof. Dr. Wichian Premchaiswadi, Vice President for IT; Dr. Maruj Limpawattana, Assistant President for International Affairs; Dr. Cheol Je Cho, Assistant President, Director for International Innovation Center; Dr. Duminda Jayaranjan, Associate Dean of International College; Dr. Trithos Kamsuwan, Deputy Dean of Engineering and Dr. Parham Porouhan, Coordinator of IT Program

About Siam University

Siam University (SU) is a private university focusing on three pillars; Employability, Diversity, and Sustainability. Since its inception in 1973, SU has been fully accredited and internationally recognized as an institution of higher education offering various undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong education programs. SU’s mission is to offer higher education emphasizing innovation, technology, and industrial engagement so that graduates are knowledgeable and ethical with career competency for the current and future needs of globalization. Siam University has actively affiliated with international associations worldwide.