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AIT Students joined global PBL Program at Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo

10 Oct 2022
School of Engineering and Technology

By Office of Public Affairs

A total of 24 Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering (GTE) students, faculty, and staff members participated in the global Project Based Learning (gPBL) experiment conducted by the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Tokyo, Japan, from August 26 to September 3, 2022.

The gPBL is a project which gathers students from Japan and overseas partner universities to work as tag teams to discuss and solve problems presented by professors, Japanese corporations, and organizations. Students from GTE had the opportunity to collaborate with students from various universities, including Shibaura Institute of Technology, Kasetsart University, Suranaree University of Technology, and Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, and presented their group projects. Additionally, Japanese construction companies came to provide lectures and practices to the students.

Leading the group to Japan, Dr. Kuo-Chieh Chao, Associate Professor of the GTE program, said, “For most of them, this is their first time visiting Japan. All of them are very impressed with everything, including the people, infrastructure, culture, food, etc., in Japan. This is an eye-opening trip for them, and I believe this will have a significant impact on their life and experience.”

About Geotechnical Earth Resources Engineering (GTE) Program at AIT
GTE Program is under the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering in the School of Engineering and Technology. The program offers two major areas of specialization, Geotechnical Engineering (GE) and Geosystem Exploration & Petroleum Geoengineering (GEPG).

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