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AIT Sustainability Fair Organized

03 Dec 2022
AIT webmaster

By Office of Public Affairs

Dec 3, 2022- The Office of Sustainable Campus (OSC) organized the “AIT SDG Research Fair” on 2 Dec 2022.

The fair was organized to raise awareness of Sustainable Development Goals, showcase the research of AIT students and researchers in line with the SDGs and encourage students to pursue further research to contribute to achieving the goals. It aimed at promoting thought, knowledge and understanding of the SDGs, and motivating the AIT community to become agents of change in their field of expertise.

Giving her welcome remarks, Ms. Sireesha Bantu, Director of OSC, stated that AIT has been doing significant work in the field of sustainable development, which needs to be promoted. . “This event will make  the AIT community familiar with the research, projects and initiatives contributing to sustainability within the campus and beyond. We hope the students will be encouraged by this event,  as sustainability is an integral part of AIT”.

Stating that he looks forward to the day AIT can be proudly exhibited as a living laboratory and as a sustainable campus, AIT President Kazuo Yamamoto said, “OSC has taken several initiatives in sustainability, which serve as practical examples as we embark on our mission to become a sustainable campus. As management, we encourage the faculty, students, and researchers for their continuous contribution to any of the UN SDGs .” 

Initiatives such as awareness campaigns on wildlife and ecosystem that support SDG15, energy conservation that supports SDG7 and 13, and food conservation that supports SDG 2 were organized this year.

President Yamamoto, who also serves as the chair of the Sustainability Task Force (STF), shared that AIT has already implemented several initiatives at various levels on campus and urged all to pledge to become a NetZero campus by 2030. “We have started with small steps to transform the AIT campus into a Botanical Garden and, academically, an educational institution that contributes to the SDG goals. We have the vision to gradually transform into a truly sustainable campus through many more initiatives planned in the coming years”, he added.

Thanking all the participants and congratulating the winners, he expressed confidence that the students have learned about sustainable life by participating in the fair. 

Dr. Christopher Garnier, Executive Director of AIT Extension appreciated the efforts of the OSC and Sustainability Task Force in promoting sustainability within AIT. He pledged to support the OSC, in contributing towards intiatives to achieve the SDGs.

The main aim of the OSC is to inculcate the thought, knowledge, and understanding of the SDG, and how they can practically work on being a change through their area of expertise towards SDG.