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Inspiring the next generation to take action for a better future

30 Apr 2023
AIT webmaster

By AIT Public Affairs

April 30, 2023 – Sarnai Battulga, a Ph.D. candidate in Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the Asian Institute of Technology’s (AIT) School of Environment Resources and Development (SERD), has recently authored a three-part cognitive and developmental children’s book series titled ‘Miracle Makers’. The books serve as excellent resources to educate children and parents on environmental challenges and climate change issues, making complex topics easily understandable.

Sarnai has a diverse range of accomplishments, including ten years as an architect and housing consultant for the Mongolian Government. She devoted eight years to green development projects focused on green initiatives and energy efficiency in affordable housing. She also won several scholarships, indicating her commitment to sustainable development.

Sarnai’s inspiration for writing ‘Miracle Makers’ began during her initial Ph.D. semester while attending courses taught by Prof. Abdul Salam and Prof. Shobhakar Dhakal. Their teaching style helped her realize that systemically explaining complex issues to the public could raise awareness and encourage action. Sarnai believes that sustainability is crucial for the next generations, and immediate action is necessary. By educating and raising awareness among children, the hope lies in inspiring them to become real change-makers and make a positive impact on the environment. ‘Miracle Makers’ is specifically designed for children and includes captivating stories, specific information, and exercises on environmental topics. The books encourage them to take action and reduce waste, save water, and conserve energy.

The importance of environmental sustainability is universal and critical for developing countries like Mongolia, Sarnai’s home, which is facing environmental challenges and experiencing climate change consequences. Sarnai believes that by exposing children to such issues and encouraging action, they will become future ‘Miracle Makers’ who will bring positive environmental impacts and contribute to sustainable development for a better future.

Global Children Climate Education Project

The Global Children Climate Education Project empowers children and young people to take action in their communities and positively impact the environment.

The project encourages children to develop initiatives that promote sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. These can include organizing recycling programs in their neighborhoods, advocating for renewable energy sources in their cities, and other similar activities. 

“This project aims to increase participation and actions towards reducing the impacts and risks of global environmental and climate change, focusing on children and young people. The ultimate goal is to help them grow up as citizens who are conscious of the appropriate use of natural resources and aware of environmental issues we face today,” Sarnai emphasized.

The project will offer various activities to educate and raise awareness among children, their families, and adults. The idea is to encourage everyone to adopt sustainable habits in their everyday lives and become environmentally friendly citizens.

In addition to the book, the project will conduct awareness campaigns, promote environmental days, and celebrate with children and community and related organizations. The book contains many activities that children can follow. They can also keep a diary of how they have contributed to reducing their impact on the environment through daily actions and habits that contribute to reducing their impact on the environment. 

The Global Children Climate Education Project seeks to empower children to become environmental leaders in their communities and create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Going Global: Spreading the message 

Sarnai Battulga, the author of Miracle Makers, is committed to making her book a valuable resource in the fight against climate change worldwide.

Recognizing that Climate change is a global issue, Sarnai aims to make her book accessible to Mongolia and other developing countries facing similar challenges. The book is designed to be inclusive in many aspects, such as featuring examples of best recycling practices from other countries.

Initially published in Mongolia, the book has already become a popular resource for families, schools, and community groups, reaching children and youth in various communities. Miracle Makers tells the story of children who unite to clean up their community and protect it from the effects of climate change while offering practical tips and guidance.

“Moreover, the book features seven characters representing children from different nationalities and continents, making it more relatable and engaging a global audience. Ultimately, my goal is to reach as many children and families worldwide as possible and raise awareness about the importance of taking action on climate change,” Sarnai added.

Sarnai has already released the first three books in the series and is currently working on the fourth and fifth installments of the series. The first book emphasizes waste reduction, covering topics such as waste generation, disposal, environmental impact, and waste reduction strategies. The second book focuses on water conservation, while the third book delves into energy conservation. The upcoming fourth book will explain the concept of climate change, its root causes, and its severe impact on our planet. The fifth book will evolve around Sarnai’s field of expertise, urban planning, and the energy sector, with an aim to raise awareness about sustainable cities. It will showcase how incorporating renewable energy sources, prioritizing green spaces, and promoting public transportation can create more sustainable and livable urban environments.

Discover the world of Miracle Makers from the comfort of your home and join the fight against climate change. Sarnai is committed to making a difference; her books are just the beginning.