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Advancing Global Food Safety: AITs Prof. Anil Kumar Anal Takes Co-Chair Role in GHI’s Ethics Working Group

26 May 2023
AIT webmaster

By AIT Public Affairs

26 May 2023 – Prof. Anil Kumar Anal of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has been elected as the Co-Chair of the Working Group on “Ethics in Food Safety Practices” within the Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI).

Prof. Anil is the Professor and Chair of the Food Innovation, Nutrition and Health (FINH) and Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology (FEBT) program at the Department of Food, Agriculture, and Bioresources of the School of Environment, Resources, and Development at AIT.

AIT congratulates Prof. Anil Kumar Anal for his exceptional achievement. This significant milestone underscores Prof. Anil’s expertise and dedication in the fields of food safety, food, and nutrition security, food and bioprocessing, preservation, and bioeconomy. AIT is immensely proud to have Prof. Anil as a distinguished member of our esteemed faculty, and we are confident that his expertise will play a pivotal role in promoting global food safety and harmonization.

The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) was established in 2004 as a collaborative effort between the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) International Division and the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST). It serves as a network comprising individual scientists and scientific organizations, working together to promote the harmonization of global food safety regulations and legislation through sound scientific consensus, education, and advocacy.

With the global population projected to reach approximately 10 billion by 2050, the agri-food industry faces immense pressure to provide nourishment for the world. The transformation of agri-food systems remains pivotal in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs 2015) by 2030, with only six years remaining. The food industry is a dynamic sector that evolves annually and is easily influenced by consumer preferences and health concerns. Establishing effective food safety systems is crucial to ensure the safety of national food supplies and food products for regional and international trade. Developing relevant and enforceable food safety policies and regulations is an essential component of an effective food safety system. Relevant and enforceable policies are required to create an enabling environment to develop and enforce food safety measures. Ethics of collective decision addressing societal issues, such as public health management through food safety control, involve stakeholders with different perspectives of the system, different expectations from the research, and potential conflicts of interest.

The Working Group “Ethics in Food Safety Practices” at GHI focuses on the following areas: 

  • Collecting and examining case studies, commonalities in whistle-blowing situations, and pertinent legislative developments.
  • Training, professionalization, and formal recognition of food safety professionals and their ethical awareness and responsibilities.
  • Encouraging the food industry to engage food safety professionals in the design and ongoing management of their food safety systems and practices.

Furthermore, Prof. Anil has previously served as a member of the Scientific Committee for the upcoming “2nd GHI World Congress on Global Food Safety and Security: Stepping up the Transition of the Global Food System for a Sustainable Future,” scheduled to take place from 18th to 20th March 2024 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This congress is organized by the GHI and aims to contribute to a sustainable future by advancing the global food system.