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School of Management Hosts Inspiring Annual Doctoral Colloquium 2023, Fostering Research Excellence and Networking Amongst Doctoral Candidates

21 May 2023
AIT webmaster

By AIT Public Affairs

21 May 2023 – The Annual Doctoral Colloquium 2023 was held on Saturday, 20th – Sunday, 21st May 2023, in the main AIT Campus by the AIT School of Management.

This annual event enables students to meet and network with other AIT School of Management DBA/Ph.D. candidates at all stages within the programs. The aim is to help doctoral students develop their research and share experiences and knowledge. This event encourages participation and activity, and its goal is to help students on their research journey.

At the Doctoral Colloquium, the students present their work to date and receive feedback from peers and faculty that helps them develop their thinking. It also helps prepare them for the viva voce examination by allowing them to answer questions about their study.

Developing personal and research skills lies at the heart of the postgraduate experience. However, this means more than just a focus on specific research techniques. For research to have an impact and be valued, it must be presented and promoted appropriately in the relevant media. Postgraduate researchers are generally very reticent about promoting themselves and their ideas. But if one is creating things of value, other people must be able to benefit from that value. At least as important is to build a solid reputation through both producing value and establishing a personal reputation.

The Colloquium embraces: – the meaning of research impact on the individual postgraduate researcher – writing papers and presenting – getting research read and cited – promoting yourself and your research – building networks.

The Colloquium is organized into ‘parallel’ streams, focusing on a particular topic area or methodological approach. Each stream has a Chair, and papers are considered by the Chair and a group of reviewers. Students receive feedback on their papers from this group, and they may need to amend their submission before it is published in the Colloquium Proceedings (with ISBN). This process mirrors the practice at academic conferences and gives the students an opportunity to experience the processes. Each stream has several ‘sessions’ that are chaired where three or so papers are presented. Each presentation is expected to last 20 minutes and will be followed by 10 minutes of questions.

Some distinguished research papers presented at the colloquium below

  • Best Paper Award conferred to Ngo Linh Ly for the paper entitled “Middle-Manager Meetings Characteristics and Managers’ Innovative Work Output: The Moderating Role of Employees’ Well-being”
  • Best Poster Award conferred to Kandane Arachchige Kiththi Perera for the poster entitled “Influence of Individual-level Entrepreneurial Orientation Towards Digital Competence: Moderating Impact of Technical Competence of Middle Managers”
  • Best Early Stage Submission conferred to Nguyen Thanh Danh for the paper entitled “Entrepreneurial Openness and Opportunity Recognition: the Mediating Roles of Entrepreneurial Connectivity, Visibility, and Creativity”

On the 21st of May, Sunday, the doctoral students also enjoyed a social event and networking at the NSM Information Technology Museum @ National Science Museum Technopolis complex, Pathumthani.