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AIT Community Unites for Waste Management

28 Jul 2023
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By AIT Public Affairs

17 July 2023 – The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) community has taken significant strides towards effective plastic waste management and recycling, as they successfully completed a three-year project titled ‘Integrated Waste Management in AIT Campus from July 2020 to June 2023. Implemented by the Marine Plastics Abatement and Environmental Engineering and Management programs of AIT’s School of Environment, Resources, and Development, this initiative aimed to address the pressing global issue of plastic waste while prioritizing community involvement and awareness.

Recognizing the urgency to combat plastic pollution, AIT implemented comprehensive plastic waste management measures that showcased best practices and fostered recycling awareness among its residents. With the enthusiastic participation of AIT residents, the project collected approximately 1,424 kilograms of plastic waste over the course of three years.

The project revolved around collecting and segregating clean plastic waste, which was then diligently partnered with various recycling companies for processing and upcycling. Throughout the three-year duration, AIT collaborated with five prominent companies: the WON Initiative of TPBI Plc. through the Marine Plastics Abatement (MPA) program, Trash Lucky, Precious Plastic Bangkok, Green Road, and AIS E-waste.

The WON project, spanning three years, contributed 649 kg of the total waste collected (mostly single-use plastic bags), followed by Trash Lucky (685 kg), Precious Plastic Bangkok (17 kg), Green Road (56 kg), and AIS E-waste (17 kg) which was implemented for two years. These initiatives effectively achieved their primary objective of raising awareness among AIT residents about the importance of recycling plastic waste.

One of the main challenges encountered during the project was the cleanliness of the waste. To ensure the continued success of sustainable recycling practices on campus and uphold AIT’s vision of a Sustainable Campus, Prof. Thammarat Koottatep from the Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Change at the School of Environment Resources and Development, emphasized the need to extend the initiatives beyond small-scale or pilot projects. “A systematic approach, encompassing all activities on campus, will play a pivotal role in AIT’s unwavering commitment to fostering a sustainable environment toward SDGs.” he said.

The collaborative efforts of the AIT community throughout this project exemplify the dedication of the AIT community to creating a cleaner and more environmentally responsible campus. 

WON project

WON project

Trash Lucky Project

Trash Lucky project

Precious Plastic Bangkok project

Precious Plastic Bangkok project

Green Road Project

Green Road project

AIS E-Waste project

AIS E-waste project