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AIT SET Presents Crucial Insights into Luang Prabang Hydropower Project

29 Aug 2023
School of Engineering and Technology

By Alistina Shrestha

29 August 2023: In an exciting development, the Water Engineering and Management Program (WEM) at the AIT School of Engineering and Technology (SET) has successfully concluded a comprehensive two-year hydraulic model study offering invaluable insights into the Luang Prabang Hydropower Project (LP HPP). The LP HPP is a large hydropower project with a total installed capacity of 1,460 MW. It is currently in construction, positioned along the Mekong River within Lao PDR, approximately 25 kilometers upstream of the historic city of Luang Prabang.

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The recent seminar held to present the outcomes of this landmark study witnessed the participation of a distinguished delegation, featuring 22 senior government officials from Lao PDR and 13 executives representing clients and developers closely associated with the project. Leading the delegation from Lao PDR were Mr. Thongphat Inthavong, Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines, and Mr. Khamsouk Khouponekham, the Head of the Cabinet, among other prominent figures. Additionally, the seminar was attended by director generals and heads of divisions from key departments, including the Department of Energy Business, Department of Energy Policy and Planning, Department of Energy Management, Department of Energy Industry Safety Management, and the Department of Environment (MONRE).

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The Water Engineering and Management Program, in collaboration with project developer, CK Power PCL, undertook an exhaustive hydraulic model study. This comprehensive assessment encompassed two critical phases:

Construction Phase Assessment: The study meticulously evaluated the planned river diversion scheme during the construction phase of the LP HPP. The findings shed light on the project’s environmental impact, safety measures, and efficiency during this crucial period.

Operational Phase Analysis: The second phase conducted an intricate examination of the hydraulic functionality of various essential structures during the operational phase of the hydropower project. This thorough analysis offered crucial insights into the long-term sustainability and performance of the LP HPP.

This monumental achievement highlights our commitment to advancing cutting-edge research and contributing to the sustainable development of critical infrastructure projects.