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Striding Towards a Sustainable Future: AIT’s Net Zero Commitment

28 Aug 2023
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By AIT Public Affairs

28 August 2023 – In a determined journey towards becoming net zero by 2030, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has been unwaveringly advancing various initiatives. Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, AIT hosted the Sustainability Expo from August 23rd to 25th, 2023. 

Group Picture from AIT Sustainability Expo 2023

This expo showcased AIT’s steadfast dedication to sustainability and provided a platform for profound dialogues and collaborations on urgent global challenges. It unveiled and explored pathways to achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while fostering the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

AIT President Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto emphasized that all participants have convened at the event with a profound purpose – to propel AIT’s evolution into a net-zero carbon botanical garden campus by 2030. He said, “It is a vision that drives us and defines us. We acknowledge it is a bold and ambitious goal, but we are committed and confident of achieving it. As each day unfolds, the consequences of inaction grow graver, imperiling our ecosystems, economies, and the well-being of generations to come.”

Prof. Yamamoto called upon everyone to embark on this journey toward net zero, embracing it as both a responsibility and an opportunity to foster transformative change collaboratively.

Sustainability Expo RBB Auditorium
Booths from Sustainability Expo

Spanning three days, the AIT Sustainability Expo comprised an Inter-university Research Fair, Inter-university Hackathon, and expert-led Sustainability Talks covering crucial topics such as water conservation, climate change, waste management, air pollution, sustainable buildings, remote sensing, social business, GIS, and sustainable farming. 

The Inter-University Research Fair showcased groundbreaking research that seeks to tackle the current pressing challenges. In addition, AIT’s research centers, including the Global Water and Sanitation Center (GWSC), Geo-Informatics Center (GIC), Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRCAP), Yunus Center, AIT Extension (AITE), and AIT Solutions (AITS), hosted captivating workshops that ranged from sustainable infrastructure and digital technologies to clean environments, Genki Campus initiatives, synergizing SDG 6 with other goals, and the concept of sustainable urban communities. 

"Hacking Zero" Hackathon

The “Hacking Zero” Hackathon co-organized by the AIT Entrepreneurship Center (AIT EC), highlighted tech’s power for innovative green solutions through constructive green financing. AIT EC has been collaborating with diverse global partners to host a range of hackathons to address pressing issues and promote sustainability with an inclusive approach, ensuring that no one is left behind. The event facilitated teamwork to brainstorm and create practical, inventive answers for pressing environmental problems.

The expo was a productive networking ground for researchers, businesses, and organizations, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and innovative projects contributing to sustainability. Participants seized the opportunity to engage with exhibitors, gain insights into sustainable endeavors, and forge potential collaborations.

The event also offered various engaging activities, with vendors outside the AIT Conference Center presenting fun games, delectable food, clothing, and other products. The event’s primary sponsor, Indorama Ventures, along with co-sponsors including Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, AIT President, Dr. Naveed Anwar, CEO of Computers and Structures Inc. Bangkok, and Mr. Bhargab Mohan Das, Managing Director and CEO of Christiani & Nielsen Energy Solutions Co., Ltd, played a pivotal role in making this event a reality.

Mr. Bhargab Mohan Das
Mr. Bhargab Mohan Das

Some Glimpses from Sustainability Expo 2023