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World Tourism Day Hybrid Celebration at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) recognizes Sustainable Tourism Visionaries

27 Sep 2023
School of Environment, Resources and Development

By School of Environment, Resources and Development

27 September 2023 – Embarking on an inspiring journey of innovation and sustainability , 27th September, 2023 was celebrated as The World Tourism Day. Seminars were co-hosted by the Natural Resources Management(NRM), Agribusiness Management (ABM), and Urban Innovation and Sustainability (UIS), academic programs at the Department of Development and Sustainability of School of Environment, Resources and Development

Students, advocates, researchers, and experts gathered for the hybrid celebration of World Tourism Day. The focal point of the event was the recognition of outstanding individuals in the field of sustainable tourism through the Green Investment for Sustainable Tourism Essay Competition.

In this competition, there was  participation from 20 individuals from AIT and other universities in Asia. The submissions were meticulously evaluated by a panel of judges in a blind peer review process. Four exceptional individuals emerged as the winners, each recognized for their distinct contributions to sustainable tourism:
1. Sustainable Tourism Visionary: Muhammad Hammad
2. Innovation Trailblazers in Tourism: Huyen Truong, Linh Yen Ngoc Le
3. Eco-Tourism Innovator: Kezang Deki
4. Green Investment Pioneer: Huyen Truong

Following their victory in the essay competition, the winners were invited to partake in a stimulating panel discussion alongside industry experts and students. The discussion encompassed various vital topics, including tourism practices and trends in several Asian countries, underlining the importance of indigenous and decolonial knowledge, digital technology’s role, youth empowerment, and evidence-based policymaking in tourism management.

Moreover, the event featured illuminating keynote addresses by distinguished figures in the tourism industry. Prof. Nophea Sasaki emphasized the significance of sustainable tourism technology, Dr. Pisit Tuntipisitkul advocated for the role of local communities in safeguarding sustainable tourism, and Philip Kao envisioned the eco-tourism infrastructure of the future. These insights shed light on the trajectory of sustainable tourism and its potential positive influence on local communities.

The event also witnessed the presence of esteemed professors, further enhancing its success. Prof. Mokbul Ahmad, Prof. Vilas Nitivattananon, and Prof. Rajendra P. Shrestha were among the eminent personalities who guided and contributed to the event.

In conclusion, Renz Prudenciado, the host of the event, left the audience with an inspiring message, emphasizing the significance of valuing every individual and promoting sustainable tourism practices. The event successfully celebrated sustainable tourism visionaries and provided a platform for impactful discussions shaping the future of the tourism industry.