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AIT SET and Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) Initiate Collaboration for Technological Excellence and Global Impact

15 Nov 2023
School of Engineering and Technology

By School of Engineering and Technology and AIT Public Affairs

15 November 2023: The AIT School of Engineering and Technology (SET) and the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) came together to explore and establish a transformative collaboration. The meeting, held at the SET Meeting Room, brought together key representatives from both institutions, fostering a productive dialogue on potential collaborative initiatives.

Distinguished attendees included Mr. Kondo Masanori, Secretary General, and Mr. LIU Ziping, Deputy Secretary General, from APT, along with Dr. Attaphongse Taparugssanagorn, Faculty at SET, Ms. Alistina Shrestha, Manager of Marketing, Recruitment, and Digital Strategy at SET, Ms. Sirima Sirimattayanan, Senior Program Officer at the Office of International Affairs, and Ms. Glaziel Kae Go Tagamolila, Business Development Officer Enterprise Engagement Office at the Office of the President

One key highlight was the discussion on APT’s pilot project open call, focusing on application development, SDG-related projects, and Research and Development. The meeting strongly endorsed AIT’s pursuit of APT affiliate membership, unlocking enhanced opportunities for participation.

A comprehensive overview of the manifold benefits associated with APT affiliate membership was provided, encompassing event participation, fellowships, and collaborative endeavors. Plans were discussed to propose engaging topics for the 2024 Capacity Building and Training Programs, with an emphasis on the inclusion of Youth and Women in STEM, aligning with both institutions’ commitment to diversity. The declaration of intent to organize “Youth in ICT – Series 2” was a significant commitment, reflecting a shared dedication to nurturing young talent. Joint collaboration on events, with a dedicated focus on empowering “Women in STEM,” showcased a united front in advancing gender inclusivity in the field. Opportunities were outlined for AIT students to gain hands-on experience, and engage in APT’s policy activities and ITU conferences/meetings through student internships.

The meeting concluded with a collective commitment to advancing collaborative efforts. This collaborative meeting marks a significant stride towards a future of innovation, diversity, and impactful initiatives, showcasing the commitment of AIT SET and APT to jointly shape the landscape of technology and education on a global scale.

The attendees from APT also had a courtesy meeting with AIT President Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto where they discussed the possible areas of collaboration on ICT research and innovation and collaborative activities between AIT and APT. AIT and APT jointly organized a Youth in ICT event on 22 June 2023 at the AIT Conference Center. Furthermore the delegates from APT also visited AIT Extension and discussed with the officials.