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The Palladium Group commends SAR100 midpoint accomplishments; plans future collaboration with YCA

22 Nov 2023

By Yunus Center AIT

21 November 2023 – AIT Vice-President for Administration, Mr. Russell Rein, welcomed The Palladium Group’s representative, Mr. Piyush Mohanty, Associate Director on 21 November 2023 along with Prof. Abdul Salam, Dean, School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD); Prof. Faiz Shah, Executive Director, Yunus Center AIT (YCA) and SAR100 Program Lead; Dr. Jai Govind Singh, Associate Professor, Sustainable Energy Transition and SAR100 Academic Lead; Dr. Pradeep Dash, SAR100 Administrative Lead; and the SAR100 technical team. 

The SAR100 mid-term report was presented, during which Mr. Mohanty appreciated the Yunus team’s work in maintaining the quality and momentum of this high-impact regional program. Mr. Rein and Prof Salam highlighted AIT’s strengths as a regional learning powerhouse. Prof. Shah and Dr. Singh addressed program-specific questions in the lead up to the SAR100 Capstone Week scheduled 4-8 March 2024. 

Mr. Mohanty visited the YCA Regional Knowledge Hub during  Mr. S. K Soonee’s class and experienced the SAR100 hybrid learning environment in real time. He also visited the Energy Department and campus facilities. 

The Palladium Group is managing the World Bank’s WePOWER SAR100 program on behalf of the Australian Government. This program is designed to build professional credentials of mid-career women in the energy sector to take on leadership roles in the region’s rapidly changing energy environment.

SAR100 mid-term report presented at the AIT Boardroom

From left to right: Mr. Binay Karna, SAR 100 Technical Lead; Mr. Sanjeet Amatya, Director of Public Affairs, Office of International and Public Affairs; Ms. Kim E. Kiatiwongse, SAR100 MEL Coordinator; Dr. Jai Govind Singh, Associate Professor and SAR100 Academic Lead; Mr. Russel Rein, VP for Administration; Mr. Piyush Mohanty, Associate Director, The Palladium Group; Prof. Faiz Shah, Executive Director, YCA and Program Lead, SAR100; Dr. Pradeep Dash, Administration Lead, SAR100; Ms. Esther Nant May Than Htay , SAR100 GDSI Coordinator; Ms. Saw Theint Theint, Program and Administrative Coordinator; and Ms. Parichad Nuntavong, Program Secretary, YCA

Yunus Center AIT Headquarters
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