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Connect & Conserve: Advancing Sustainability Through Networking and Awareness

25 Jan 2024
AIT webmaster

By Office of Sustainable Campus (OSC)

25 January 2024: The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Office of Sustainable Campus (OSC) recently hosted the “Connect & Conserve Sustainability Awareness and Networking Fair” on January 25th, 2024. The event aimed to foster sustainability awareness and facilitate collaborative efforts towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), focusing on advancing AIT’s commitment to a Botanical Garden Net-Zero Campus by 2030.

The fair attracted a significant turnout, with attendees showing considerable interest and engagement in the various activities. The Fair kicked off with a series of insightful talks by experts and AIT leaders. Dr. Guilberto Borongan, Director of RRC.AP, delivered the opening remarks, sharing the center’s efforts in fostering sustainable development and outlining plans aligned with AIT-OSC’s sustainability objectives. His insights provided valuable perspectives on achieving sustainability goals.

Dr. Guilberto Borongan, Director of RRC.AP

Ms. Sireesha Bantu, Director of OSC, presented AIT’s comprehensive plans for achieving a Net Zero Botanical Garden Campus by 2030. She underscored the importance of sustainable development, balancing current needs while safeguarding the well-being of future generations. Ms. Bantu also highlighted AIT’s sustainable initiatives, including innovative campaigns and cutting-edge facilities for sustainable living labs.

Ms. Sireesha Bantu, Director of OSC
Ms. Punchaya Raksasakul, Cofounder of KITFORWARD Company Limited

Ms. Punchaya Raksasakul, Cofounder of KITFORWARD Company Limited (Farmkao+), delivered an engaging talk on the benefits of organic farming and the significance of establishing an IoT-based smart community farm. The proposed pilot project, powered by renewable energy and utilizing natural resources on campus, aims to create a living lab. Ms. Raksasakul invited the AIT community to participate in a 6-month practical workshop program focused on learning organic farming and active involvement.

A PhD candidate, Ms. Chatsuda, captivated the audience with an enlightening talk on waste segregation and management, urging action against waste generation and pollution. Student Union representatives Mr. Aditya G and Mr. Imran Khan outlined the Green Campus Campaign’s initiatives, including E-waste collection drives and sustainable transportation efforts, aiming to engage the AIT community in achieving a Net Zero Campus.

The fair also featured an interactive quiz session and booths focusing on various SDG themes such as waste management, energy conservation, and gender equality. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities and gain insights into sustainable initiatives.

Managed by OSC student volunteers, the event concluded with a networking session, fostering collaborations and encouraging continued engagement in sustainability initiatives. The Fair at AIT brought together individuals committed to building a sustainable future. Through collective efforts, AIT and its partners aim to contribute to achieving the UN SDGs and create a more sustainable world.