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AIT and NSI Embark on Academic Advancement and Technological Innovation Journey

02 Feb 2024
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By AIT Public Affairs

2 February 2024: In a significant step towards fostering academic excellence and collaborative research, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and New Space Intelligence Inc. (NSI), Japan have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 2 February 2024. The ceremony, held at AIT’s campus, marks the beginning of a promising alliance to advance scientific research and educational cooperation between the two institutions.

MoU signing ceremony

The MoU underscores various areas of cooperation, including the initiation of NSI scholarships, exchange of researchers and administrative staff, joint research endeavors, data sharing, academic information exchange, and the presentation of research findings. Noteworthy is the fact that seven out of seventeen staff members at NSI are proud alumni of AIT, highlighting the strong bonds between the two entities.

Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto, AIT President remarked, “Today marks the beginning of an exciting journey together. With AIT’s esteemed alumni already in the fold, this collaboration holds great promise. Let us seize this opportune moment to harness the resources of AIT and forge ahead. Thank you for joining hands with us; I am confident our collaboration will yield remarkable results.”

Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto
Prof. Kazuo Yamamoto
Ms. Yumiko Nagai
Ms. Yumiko Nagai

Ms. Yumiko Nagai, CEO of NSI and AIT Alumna said, “Our mission is to organize and make data accessible and useful to all, anywhere. With its diverse expertise in technologies like IoT, collaborating with AIT presents an opportunity for more accurate and precise industry solutions. We aim to expand our reach to the Asian region, leveraging AIT’s academic prowess to maximize the potential of AI. Together, we can blend academic research with business acumen, turning innovative ideas into thriving ventures.”

NSI officials present included Hiroshi Senzoku, Dr. Chairath Sirirattanapol, Dr. Nopphawan Tamkuan, Dr. Vaibhav Katiyar, and Prof. Masahiko Nagai, Director of YUCARS at Yamaguchi University and Visiting Professor at AIT. Representatives from AIT included Prof. Sangam Shrestha, Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology; Prof. Abdul Salam, Dean of the School of Environment, Resources and Development; Dr. Sarawut Ninsawat, ICT Department Head and Associate Professor, RS-GIS/SET; Prof. Nitin K. Tripathi, Professor, RS-GIS/SET and Director, Special Degree Programs; Mr. Shawn P. Kelly, Executive Director of the Office of International and Public Affairs (OIPA); Dr. Sumana Shrestha, Director of International Affairs, OIPA; and Mr. Sanjeet Amatya, Director of Public Affairs, OIPA. 

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With a shared commitment to academic excellence and research innovation, the partnership between AIT and NSI holds great promise for driving technological advancements and fostering impactful collaborations in the years to come.

About New Space Intelligence Inc. (NSI): 

The New Space Intelligence Inc. (NSI) is a startup founded by members of AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) in Thailand and Yamaguchi University in Japan, established in 2021. With focus on bringing a geo-enabled society to reality, NSI boasts expertise and advanced technology in remote sensing, artificial intelligence, and image processing. NSI is currently developing “satellite data pipelines (SDP)” with the capability to integrate a diverse range of satellite data to form a comprehensive platform and making global services based on the SDP.