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Advancing Global Educational Alliances: AIT Enhances International Collaborations through Key Educational Events in Europe

29 Apr 2024
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By Sirima Sirimattayanan

23 April 2024: Ms. Sirima Sirimattayanan, Senior Program Officer at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)’s International Affairs Unit, Office of International and Public Affairs (OIPA) actively participated in two significant international events in Europe, fostering collaboration and sharing innovative practices in the realm of international education from April 15 to 22, 2024. 

The first event, Staff Training Week titled “International Relations: Looking Towards the Future,” was hosted by the Universidad de Granada, Spain, from April 15 to 19 which is part of the Erasmus+ International Mobility Scheme funded by the European Union.

The program focused on discussing the implementation, challenges and sharing best practices of the Erasmus+ International Mobility Programmes, particularly the Erasmus+ KA 131 and KA 171 programs.

Ms. Sirima participated in seven workshops focused on international academic cooperation and mobility during Staff Training Week. The sessions focused on topics such as internationalization strategies, exchange programs, Erasmus+, emergency management, and project management. Participants exchanged insights on managing institutional international projects and effective project management strategies. The workshops aimed to enhance understanding and improve practices in international education, including staff capacity building and introduction to EU-funded programs like Erasmus+ and Creative Europe.

Ms. Sirima (4th from left)
Ms. Sirima (3rd from left)

Furthering her engagement, Ms. Sirima met with Prof. Simón Suárez, Director for International Mobility, and Ms. Eduvirgen Lizana, International Projects, Networks, and Agreements Officer at Universidad de Granada. During these meetings, she handed over the Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreement between AIT and Universidad de Granada, marking a continuation of a long-standing partnership.

Additionally, Ms. Sirima met with Ms. Zaida Diaz-Cabiale, Vice-Chancellor for International Affairs and Ms. Virginia Escriche Retamero, Senior Coordinator for Erasmus+ KA171 and Non European Mobilities (Bilateral Agreements), ISEP Coordinator, PIMA Coordinator, International Relations Office, of the Universidad de Málaga and explored potential collaborative avenues on April 22, discussing opportunities for joint research and exchange programs in fields such as Water Engineering, ICT, Environment, and Management. These discussions highlighted shared interests in sustainable development and smart cities, setting a promising groundwork for future cooperation. 

The International Affairs Unit, OIPA maintains robust partnerships across the European Union under the Erasmus+ International Mobility Scheme. These partnerships offer numerous opportunities for exchanges and training for students, faculty, researchers, and staff, thereby enriching the educational experience and fostering international cooperation. This series of events not only reinforces AIT’s commitment to international academic collaboration but also opens new avenues for future engagements that benefit both institutions and their broader academic communities.

Ms. Sirima expressed her gratitude to AIT, Universidad de Granada, and the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme for the professional development opportunity. “The workshops offered a thorough understanding of international projects and strategies for cooperation. They provided practical insights into effectively managing mobility programs. The knowledge I gained will benefit the AIT community, including colleagues and students, by fostering opportunities for knowledge exchange, cultural learning, and building Asia-Europe connections in shared interest areas. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the International Affairs Unit of the Office of International and Public Affairs (OIPA) for providing this opportunity and my all colleagues at OIPA for their continuous support and encouragement throughout this journey”, she added.