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The AIT logo has two variants – known as the AIT globe and AIT Full Logo.

High-resolution versions are available for use from the Office of Public Affairs (OPA) for internal use. Formats that are available for use include jpg, ai, eps and png.

External Use: For external partners, the use of the AIT logo is guided by the agreement that is signed with the partner organization.

Use of Logo: Whenever and wherever the AIT logo is used, it has to be used in full, and without any change or alteration, or mutilation. It should be in equal size as that of the partner organization, and under no circumstances should it be joined or altered or circumscribed or mutilated. Please ensure that proportional dimensions are maintained if you need to resize the logo.

The use of the AIT Logo is prohibited on any unauthorized and unofficial website and social media pages and groups as well as personal websites and social media pages.

For more details on Logo usage: Click Use of the AIT Logo

AIT Globe Logo
AIT Full Logo