AIT Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology


The Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology (COEN) at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) offers students a key that opens the door to opportunity. COEN also offers researchers and academics from other universities and institutes a wonderful place to study and teach. Nanotechnology is an important emerging technology. It is highly interdisciplinary in that chemists, biologists, physicists and engineers all work together to create amazing new materials with remarkable properties and to develop devices that change the way we live.

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Since nanotechnology cuts across industrial sectors, nanotechnology has already contributed in many ways – e.g. cell phones with less than 20 nm transistors, stronger materials with carbon nanotubes, water repellant surfaces with ZnO nanorods, anti-cancer hyperthermic therapeutics with magnetic nanoparticles, medical imaging with quantum dots, smart farming with encapsulated fertilizers, water desalinization with layer-by-layer ionic structures, high capacity batteries with lithium ion-nanocarbons, solar cells with broad spectral acquisition and more and more.