South and South East Asia Multidisciplinary Research Network on Transforming Societies of Global South (SMARTS)


The South and South-east Asia Multidisciplinary Applied Research Network on Transforming Societies of Global South is the newly established (2021) research center under the School of Environment, Research and Development (SERD), at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand.


The objective of the center is to “Study the impact of multilevel changes including climate change and other socio-technical changes on various societal scales in South and South-East Asia and influence global discourse by promoting scientific voices from global South highlighting unique challenge, equity, justice and regional niches in line with special focus on SDG 12 and its inter-sectoral linkage with other Sustainable Development Goals.” In line with this objective, we aim to carry out research on ‘investigating the impact of climate change and other socio-technical global-scale changes in transforming societies in South and South-East Asia from a multidisciplinary perspective’ with the help of affiliated researchers, mainly focusing on the following five thematic areas.

Thematic Areas of Research:

Center Activities

Professor Joyashree Roy ([email protected]
Founder Director 
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +66252-5779
Twitter: @SMARTS_AIT
SERD Building, Room W227, W229

Participation in COP 27 events