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Department of Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE)

30 Nov 2021
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For several decades, AIT has served in the development of the region by equipping young engineers with the high-tech knowledge required to work in complex industrial environments. Since its inception, the Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE) thematic group at AIT has contributed to this mission by focusing on industrial competitiveness and innovation for sustainable growth in the region.

The ISE group is comprised of the following programs:

Bio-Nano Materials Science and Engineering (BNMSE)

Bio-Nano Materials Science and Engineering (BNMSE)“Bio-Nano Materials Science and Engineering” is a rational fusion of the disciplines of Nanotechnology and Bioengineering, which is truly interdisciplinary in nature and a unique program at AIT.

Mechatronics and Machine Intelligence (MMI)

Mechatronics provides new insights through an integrated consideration of mechanics, electronics, and information technology. The curriculum is designed to provide multidisciplinary knowledge and to develop the ability to design mechatronic systems. Programs leading to the award of AIT’s Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Technical Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Science, diploma, and certificate are offered.

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME)

The Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering program at AIT has committed to preparing qualified engineers with high-tech knowledge for supporting the sustainable industrial development of the region. Starting as Systems Engineering in the early days and becoming Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering today, our focus has always been on responding to current needs and future trends for the industry to be competitive

Medical Engineering (MDE)

Medical Engineering is an interdisciplinary program primarily merging robotics, biological, and medical sciences. It is designed for students with scientific backgrounds in chemistry, biology, health & life sciences, medicine, nursing, engineering fields, and biomedical fields. The Master’s program is offered by the School of Engineering and Technology (SET) at AIT.


Our graduates are serving in key leadership positions regionally and globally in Governments, industries, and businesses, United Nations Organizations, Multilateral banks, renounced IT companies, and NGOs. We prepare work-ready graduates familiar with problems and equipped with knowledge and tools to find solutions.


The Department has a very active research program that is done through student research as well as sponsored projects and individually by faculty members. The academic programs of the Department have a long history of research-excellence for decades. The current research program of the Department has several streams. The key streams are mentioned below:


AIT Center of Excellence in NanoTechnology

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