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Invitation to Closing Ceremony of AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge 2023

23 Nov 2023
3:00pm - 6:00pm

In a bid to further enhance the evaluation of microsensor technology in the realm of air quality monitoring, Airparif, the independent regional air quality observatory for the greater Paris region, had announced the expansion of its renowned AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge to Bangkok, Thailand, for the year 2023. As part of the French-Thai Year of Innovation, this event, conducted in collaboration with AIRLAB, aims to evaluate microsensors performance under real-world conditions while promoting innovation and providing valuable insights for potential users.

With the increasing development of microsensors technology, 2023 AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge, Airparif has expanded its footprint beyond the borders of France and proposed to study the impact of new parameters on the performance of microsensors, particularly focusing on higher pollution levels, different emission profiles, and different weather conditions, including higher temperatures and humidity. The bustling metropolis of Bangkok, Thailand, has been chosen the ideal location for the microsensors to excel and provide more accurate results. 

As a prominent partner of the Challenge, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) has played a pivotal role in this year’s event, contributing its expertise to the international expert jury. AIT’s team comprises air quality experts from the Environmental Engineering and Management department and data experts from the Internet Education and Research Lab (intERLab), who made significant contributions in the data QA/QC  and data analysis, and a researcher from the faculty of public health, Thammasat University. The team independently evaluated the performance of these low-cost microsensors under real conditions, providing a decision-support tool to potential users while promoting innovation. 

Applications for participation in the 2023 AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge began in late 2022. The closing ceremony is simultaneously scheduled for November 23, 2023, at two prestigious locations – the Alliance Française headquarters in Bangkok and the Airparif headquarters in Paris. The event promises to be a platform to unveil the 2023 Microsensors Challenge results, fostering knowledge sharing and best practices among experts and international organization representatives through presentations and roundtable discussions. 

More details of the projected closing ceremony can be found on the AIRLAB website.

To participate, please submit your registration request at the following link: Registration Form.