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Online live session/seminar on Multi-Hazard Risk Management

05 May 2023

Online live session on “Multi Hazard Risk Management”

Date: Friday, 5th May 2023

Time: 2:00 pm. (Bangkok time)

AIT Extension invites you to join an online live session/seminar on Multi-Hazard Risk Management, which will be delivered by Professor Cees van Westen from the University of Twente, Netherlands. In this seminar we will have the opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in multi-hazard risk management, including the use of cutting-edge technologies like remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). The speaker will provide valuable insights into how the multi-hazard risk assessment is used in risk reduction and disaster preparedness, drawing on experiences from the real-world examples. This webinar will cover topics such as risk identification, risk assessment, risk communication, and risk reduction strategies. It is an excellent opportunity for professionals, researchers, and students to enhance their knowledge and understanding on multi-hazard disaster risk reduction and emergency management.

For more information and registration please visit https://extension.ait.ac.th/course/online-live-sessionseminar-multi-hazard-risk-management