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RTG Fellowships

The vision of the Royal Thai Government (RTG) is to prepare the country and its people for the emerging ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Through its non-binding RTG Fellowships at AIT, it seeks to prepare its engineers, scientists and managers to become global citizens and emerge as key drivers of Thailand’s international competitiveness. Thus, generous academic fellowships are being offered to Thai students to pursue Master’s and Ph.D. programs

Eligible for Thai nationality only.

RTG Fellowships for Ph.D. Programs

1. cGPA:
Bachelor’s: ≥ 2.75/4 or equivalent
Master’s: ≥ 3.50/4 or equivalent
In cases where the applicant does not meet GPA criteria, he or she can submit an article indexed in Scopus along with the GPA to fulfill the criteria.

Have an English proficiency score as required by AIT Language Center (IELTS 5.5 (Writing band) or AIT EET ≥ 5.5). Should the score be 5.0, the applicant is required to attend the Bridging Program to obtain a score of 5.5 from the Bridging Program before enrollment.

2. The value of the non-binding Scholarship per student is approximately 1.50 MB.

Deadline for August 2024 Intake: 31 May 2024 or until the RTG fellowships runs out

RTG Fellowships for Master’s Programs

Value of Fellowship GrantCumulative GPA requirement for specified universities*Cumulative GPA requirement for other universities
100% (48 credits)848,000 Baht (covers entire study cost of 4 semesters)GPA ≥ 3.00 GPA ≥ 3.50
87.5% (42 credits)752,000 Baht (covers 42 credits fees and 4 semesters registration fees, student pays remainder 6 credits: 96,000 baht, tuition fees)GPA ≥ 3.25
75% (36 credits)636,000 Baht (covers 3 semesters, student pays remainder 212,000 baht as one semester cost)GPA ≥2.75GPA ≥ 3.00
50% (24 credits)424,000 Baht (covers 2 semesters, student pays same amount for 2 semesters)GPA ≥ 2.75


  • a Four-year Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with the cGPA criteria as follows:
  1. Have an English proficiency score as required by AIT Language Center (IELTS 5.0 (Writing band) or AIT EET ≥ 5.0). Should the score be 4.5, the applicant is required to attend Bridging Program (starting from 12 June to 21 July) and to obtain a score of 5.0 from the Bridging Program before enrollment. See  http://languages.ait.ac.th/bp/ for further information)”.

Deadline for August 2024 Intake: 31 May 2024 or until the scholarship run out

Please note:

  1. RTG Fellowships cover tuition and registration fees, but do not cover accommodation fees or living expenses.
  2. *Definition of specified universities(*) 2.1 Thailand’s top 1,000 universities ranked by QS World University Rankings which includes (1)Chulalongkorn University #271, (2) Mahidol University #380, (3) Chiang Mai University #651-700, (4) Thammasat University #601-650, (5) Kasetsart University #800+, (6) Khon Kaen University #801+, (7) King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi #801+,and (8) Prince of Songkla University #801+.
    (*) 2.2 Thailand’s top 350 Asian Universities ranked by QS World University Rankings which includes (1) King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang # 261-270 , (2) Suranaree University of Technology #301-350 , (3) King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok#301-350 (4), Naresuan University#301-350 and (5)Silpakorn University #301-350.
  3. See  http://languages.ait.ac.th/bp/ for further information on the Bridging Program.

Ms. Wilailak at 02-524-5023 or
Ms. Kanchana at 02-524-6119 or
Email:  [email protected].

Further Inquiries

For further inquiries on AIT Admissions Requirements and Procedures, applicants can visit the AIT Admissions website. You may also contact the following address:

Admissions and Scholarships Unit
Asian Institute of Technology
P.O. Box 4, KlongLuang
Pathumthani 12120
 (662) 524 5024, 31-33

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