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Student Village (Single) with AC

About the accommodation

Student village consists of mostly double rooms with community bathrooms and lounge spaces on each floor. Separate male and female washrooms are available throughout the floors.
Room information
Dorms :
SVI (SV1-SV10) SVII (SV21, SV24, SV25, SV30, and SV36) SVIII (SV57-SV69)
Size :
Air-con :
Water heater :
Kitchen :
Yes (Refrigerator, gas stove)
Balcony :
Bathroom :
Shared (between 3 rooms)
Furniture :
Bedroom: 1 bed, 1 mattress, 1 pillow, 1 study tables, 1 chair, 1 fan, 1 wooden shelf, 1 cupboard, 1 dustbin (for each room) Living room: 1 dining table 4 chairs, 1 sofa
Linens :
Cleaning :
Done once a week and change the linens every week
Room Costs
Rent :
9,540 -THB (3,150 THB/room)