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Dr. Adani Azhoni

Visiting Faculty, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change; School of Environment, Resources and Development
Climate Change and Sustainable Development
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Ph.D. , Cranfield University

M. Tech. Environmental Engineering and Management , IIT Delhi, India

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, Saurashtra University, India

Climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation

Water Management

Disaster mitigation and Management

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  2. Rehman, S., Azhoni, A. and Pooja, C. Livelihood vulnerability assessment and climate change perception analysis in Arunachal Pradesh, India. GeoJournal (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10708-022-10703-7
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  4. Rehman, S., Jahangir, S. and Azhoni, A. GIS based coastal vulnerability assessment and adaptation barriers to coastal regulations in Dakshina Kannada district, India. Regional Studies in Marine Science. Vol. 55, September 2022, 102509. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rsma.2022.10250.
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  1. Random Verification of Hazardous Waste Management. J-99/12/2021-WM-II-HO-CPCB-HO dated 10-Aug-2021 (completed 2022).
  2. SEELARI: Socio-economic-environmental trade-offs in managing Land-River interface. Case study based in Himachal Pradesh. Trilateral research project with Cranfield University UK and Peking University China Sponsored by DBT-GoI under the Towards a Sustainable Earth Scheme Grant No.:BT/IN/TaSE/69/AA/2018-19 (Completed 2022)
  3. EIBOCCA: Socio-Economic and Institutional Barriers of Climate Change Adaptation. Funded under the IMPRESS Project Grant No. IMPRESS/P765/2018-19/ICSSR (Completed 2021)