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Dr. Guilberto Borongan

Affiliated Faculty
Urban Innovation and Sustainability, Department of Development and Sustainability

Ph.D. (Governance and Development) National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand, 2022

M.Sc. (Urban Environmental Management) Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, 2008

B.Sc. Chem. Engg., Cebu Institute of Technology University, Philippines, 1996

  • Sustainable Waste and Resource Management
  • Environmental Governance
  • Marine pollution
  • Circular Economy and climate change
  • SMART cities and Development
  • Health and Environment
  • Structural Equation Modelling
  1. Borongan, G., NaRanong (2022). Factors in enhancing environmental governance for marine plastic litter abatement in Manila, the Philippines: a combined structural equation modeling and DPSIR framework. Marine Pollution Bulletin https://doi.org/10.1016/j.marpolbul.2022.113920
  2. Borongan, G., NaRanong (2022). Practical Challenges and Opportunities for Marine Plastic Litter Reduction in Manila: A Structural Equation Modeling. Sustainability. 2022; 14(10):6128. https://doi.org/10.3390/su14106128
  3. Huno S. K. M., Borongan, G. and Tsukamoto, N.(2019). An Evaluation of Downstream Policies to Reduce Marine Plastic Litter in Thailand. Water Perspective in Emerging Countries, Focus Issue: Microplastics in the Water Environment. Cuvillier Verlag, Gottingen, Germany. eISBN 978-3-7369-6089-3.
  4. R. L. Verma, G. Borongan, M. Memon (2016). Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ho ChiMinh City, Viet Nam, Current Practices and Future Recommendation. Journal of Procedia Environmental Sciences, 35 (2016) 127 – 139;Elsevier.
  5. Nitivattananon, V. and Borongan, G. (2007). Construction and Demolition Waste Management: Current Practices in Asia. Proceedings: International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management. Chennai, India
  1. Ocean Conservancy Funded Project: Ocean Plastic Waste Leakage 2016.
  2. Japan ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) Project on “Mercury medical measuring devices in Indonesia and Philippines, 2019-2021.
  3. GIZ funded project: Desk study thematic input and background documents for the Regional Workshop “Managing Packaging Waste– Preventing Marine Litter ASEAN’, 2018.
  4. Regional expert for the project: Strengthening Capacity for Marine Debris Reduction in ASEAN region through formulation of National Action Plans for ASEAN Member States and Integrated Land-to-Sea Policy Approach (Phase1) 2018-2019.
  5. UNEP CounterMeasure Project on Promotion of countermeasures against marine plastic litter in Southeast Asia and India 2019-2020.