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Prof. Huynh Trung Luong

Professor, ISE Head of Department
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
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  • D.Eng, Industrial Systems Engineering, 2000, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • M.Eng, Industrial Systems Engineering, 1995, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
  • B.Eng., Chemical Engineering, 1992, HoChiMinh City University of Technology, Vietnam.
  • The development of analytical models which aim at deriving exact/optimal or near optimal solutions for various operational problems in industries.
  • Past and current research interests
  • The establishment of emergency inventory policies and inventory policies for perishable products.
  • Supply chain design and measures of bullwhip effect in supply chains, availability-based and reliability-based maintenance.
  • Fuzzy quality control charts.
  • Statistical design of experiments; and network flows related problems.
  • AT72.03: Statistical Models and Design of Experiments
  • AT72.05: Quality Control and Management
  • AT72.08: Stochastic Decision Models
  • Saha, C., Luong, H.T., Azix, M.H., and Rattanalert, T. (2010). Simulation of the Air Flow Characteristic inside a Hard Disk Drive by applying a Computational Fluid Dynamics Software. Journal of World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol. 72, 308-313.
  • Kamolsin, P., Soni, P., Salokhe, V.M., Babel, M.S., and Luong, H.T. (2010). Physico-mechanical harvesting properties of hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata) and pondweed (Potamogeton malaianus). International Agricultural Engineering Journal, Vol 19(4), 1-7.
  • Senjuntichai, A., Techanitisawad, A, and Luong, H.T. (2010). The Analysis of Patent Option for RDA Project Valuation. Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing, Vol 4(3), 683-700.
  • Luong, H.T. (2005). Measure of Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain with Autoregressive Demand Process. Accepted for valium no prescription publication on European Journal of Operational Research
  • Luong, H.T., and Nagendra N. Nagarur (2005). Optimal Maintenance Policy and Fund Allocation in Water Distribution Networks. Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, Vol. 131(4), pp 299-306.
  • The James A. Linen III Memorial Prize for the most outstanding academic performance (AIT, 1995)
  • Gold medal for the best academic performance (HoChiMinh City University of Technology, 1992)

Optimization, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Maintenance, Reliability Theory