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Dr. Jitti Mungkalasiri

Adjunct Faculty
Development Planning Management and Innovation, Department of Development and Sustainability

Ph.D. (Material science), University of Toulouse(France) 2009

M. Sc. (Chemical and biological) University of Limoges (France) 2005

M.Eng. (Environment) ENSIL (France) 2004

M.Eng. (Environment) Kasetsart University(Thailand) 2002

  • Sustainability research
  • Environmental labelling (Carbon footprint, Water Footprint, Environmental footprint)
  • Life Cycle Database
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production
  • Eco-efficiency
  1. Guido  Sonnemann,  Dieuwertje  Schrijvers,  Anne  Asselin, Nongnuch   Poolsawad,   Jitti   Mungkalasiri,   Tim   Grant, Cristobal  Loyola  and  Bruce  Vigon.  2020.  Updating  and Road‐testing  Life  Cycle  Inventory  Data  Review  Criteria: Toward  Global Consensus and  Guidance on  Data  Quality Assessment.   Integrated  Environmental  Assessment  and Management.
  2. So  Pyay,  Wanwisa  Thanungkano,  Jitti  Mungkalasiri  and Charongpun  Musikavong.  2019.    A  life  cycle  assessment of  intermediate  rubber  products  in  Thailand  from  the product  environmental  footprint  perspective.  Journal  of Cleaner  Production,  Volume  237, 10
  3. Pattaramart   Makmoon,   Jitti   Mungkalasiri,   Tanapon Phenrat,  Shabbir  H.  Gheewala   and   Trakarn Prapaspongsa.  Human  toxicity  assessment  of  oil  palm cultivation   in   Thailand:   the   variability   from   using different  life  cycle impact  assessment  methods.  The  11th International  Conference  on  Life  Cycle  Assessment  of Food  (LCA  Food  2018)  in  conjunction  with  the  6th  LCA Agri   Food  Asia  and  7th  International  Conference  on Green  and  Sustainable  Innovation  (ICGSI),  16-20  October 2018, Bangkok, Thailand.
  4. Arangsri  M.,  Pattarajinda  V.*,  Duangjinda  M.,  Mungkalasiri J.1,   Angthong  W.2,  Bernard  J.K.  Effect  of  Fermented Total  Mixed  Rations  Differing  in  Methane  Production Potential   on   Milk   Production,   Methane   Emission, Ruminal  Fermentation,  Digestibility  and  Performance  of Lactating  Dairy  Cows  in  Thailand.  Animal  Nutrition  and Feed  Technology. Year  : 2018, Volume  : 18, Issue  : 3
  5. Jantima   Samneangngam,   Jitti   Mungkalasiri,   Seksan Papong,   Athiwatr   Jirajariyavech   and   Pornpimon Boonkum.  Domestic  Material  Consumption  (DMC)  of Biomass  in  Thailand.  The  11th  International  Conference on  Life  Cycle  Assessment  of  Food  (LCA  Food  2018)  in conjunction  with  the  6th  LCA  Agri  Food  Asia  and  7th International   Conference   on   Green   and   Sustainable Innovation   (ICGSI),   16-20   October   2018,   Bangkok, Thailand.
  1. Ecosystem service values for mangroves restoration area: Case study the International Mangrove Botanical Garden Rama IX, Chanthaburi Province (2021-2022)
  2. Food loss Evaluation for palm oil industry (SDG12.3) (2020-2021)
  3. Eco efficiency evaluation for Wastewater Management Authority: WMA (2020-2021)
  4. Life Cycle Data Center for Sustainable Development (2020-2023)
  5. Study of Sustainable Consumption andProduction (SCP) Indicators for SustainableDevelopment Goals (SDG) in the context ofThailand: Phase 3 (2020-2021)