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Dr. Thi Phuoc Lai Nguyen

Assisstant Professor
Development Planning Management and Innovation, Department of Development and Sustainability

PhD, Governance and Complex System, University of Sassari, Italy. 2014

M.A., Development, Innovation and Change (MIDIC), University of Bologna, Italy. 2009

  • Rural and environmental sociology
  • Coupled human-environment complex systems
  • Social dimensions of climate and environmental and technology
  • STEM education and sustainable development
  • Agri-environmental policy
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  1. PI, STEM education: conceptions and practices for sustainable development in Vietnam. Donor: ADB/VNMOET (on-going)
  2. Co-PI, Assessment of Groundwater Sustainability in the Special Economic Zone of Thailand for Operational Groundwater Management. Donor: SUMERNET 4 ALL (on-going)
  3. Co-PI Strengthening ground water governance in urbanizing areas of lower Mekong region. Donor: SUMERNET 4 ALL (on-going)
  4. PI – Farming systems and role of institutions in transition towards sustainable agricultural sectors in Thailand (ongoing). Donor: CIRAD, Centre de Cooperation Internationale en recherché Agronomique pour le Development, France.
  5. PI- Public concerns about water use resources in Vietnam: “matter of climate change’ or matter of urban development (2017-2018). Donor: Asian Institute of Technology.