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Development and Sustainability (DS)

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To offer a generalist master’s program based on an interdisciplinary approach to international sustainable development. The aim is to build upon shared expertise in the Department of Development and Sustainability (DDS) and offering an academic program that has a broader scope than current academic offerings, which are very specialized. A broader and less specialized program will be especially attractive to institutions looking for managers with a broad knowledge of development issues, and candidates who may not want to narrow their academic and research skills but rather get a broader understanding of development issues in the region.

The program also responds to the needs for capacity building regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Asian region and beyond in ways these other programs do not since the concept of sustainability calls for expertise in both the environmental and social dimensions of long-term development.


  • Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Social Sustainability
  • Poverty Reduction
  • Social Development
  • Gender and Development
  • Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Industry and Innovations
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Life-long Learning


Master and Doctoral Program

Undergraduate degree in any field of study


List of courses
each program in the Department of Development and Sustainability
Course CodeCourse titleCreditsRemarkSemester
ED84.01Public Policy2RequiredInterSem
ED84.02Development Economics2RequiredFall
ED84.03Social Impact Assessment2GeneralSpring
ED52.01Statistics for Development Studies1RequiredSpring
ED52.02Introduction to Research Design and Methods1RequiredFall
ED52.03Introduction to Development and Sustainability2RequiredFall
ED52.9004Quantitative Analysis Using R1GeneralInterSem
ED52.9005Introduction to Research Design2GeneralFall
ED52.9006Quantitative Research Methods I2GeneralFall
ED52.9007Quantitative Research Methods II2GeneralFall
ED52.9008Qualitative Research Methods2GeneralSpring
Minor details Total 16 Credits of Elective Course: Minimum of 2 credits and maximum of 5 credits from each program out of DPMI, GDS, NRM and UIS Maximum 3 credits from any other courses including SET and SOM Total 12 Credits of
For students to qualify for the Minor Degree in DS, they would need to complete a set of 12 credits as stipulated below:
ED84.01Public Policy2 (2-0)Intersem
ED84.02Development Economics2 (2-0)Fall
ED84.03Social Impact Assessment2 (2-0)Spring
ED52.03Introduction to Development and Sustainability2 (2-0)Fall
##Subtotal####8 credits##
Take 2 credits out of the following courses
ED52.9006Quantitative Research Methods I2 (1-2)Fall
ED52.9007Quantitative Research Methods II2 (1.5-1.5)Fall
ED52.9008Qualitative Research Methods2 (1-2)Spring
##Subtotal####2 credits##
Take 2 credits out of the following courses
ED75.14Gender and Development: Principles and Concept2 (2-0)Fall
ED76.9015Resources Assessment and Mapping2 (2-0)Spring
ED77.21Development Project Planning and Management2 (2-0)Spring
ED79.9013Urban Resilience Assessment2 (2-0)Intersem
##Subtotal####2 credits##
##Grand total####12 credits##