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Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD)

School of Environment Resources and Development | Department of Development and Sustainability

Although many efforts on sustainable environmental management while fostering economic growth have been globally and regionally made, environmental policy makers, managers, and practitioners still struggle to find out sustainable approaches for environmental development management.

This master program in Environment and Sustainable Development aims to train the professionals with a primary interest in the linkages between development economics and environmental management from the multidisciplinary approaches. Students are expected to gain essential knowledge, instruments, skills and techniques for making developmental practices more sustainable without compromising the environmental integrity and human health.


  • Development Economics
  • Development Finance
  • Environmental Policy
  • Public Management
  • Environmental assessment 
  • Green Finance
  • Rural Urban Resilience 
  • Socio-economic Sustainability 
  • Environmental pollution management 
  • Environment and Global Economy


  • Undergraduate degree in any field of study


CourseCourse TitleCreditsRemarkSemester
ED85.9001Environment and Development2GeneralFall
ED85.9002Introduction to Development Economics1GeneralFall
ED85.9003Introduction to Environmental Economics2GeneralFall
ED85.9004Development Finance2GeneralFall
ED85.9005Development Project Planning and Management2GeneralFall
ED85.9006Rural and Regional Development2GeneralFall
ED85.9007Urban Resilience Assessment2GeneralFall
ED85.9008Public Management2GeneralFall
ED85.9009Policy and Economic Analysis2GeneralFall
ED85.9010Geospatial Techniques for Development and Environment2GeneralSpring
ED85.9011Air Quality Management1GeneralSpring
ED85.9012Hazardous Waste Technology and Management1GeneralSpring
ED85.9013Water Pollution Management1GeneralSpring
ED85.9014Gender and SMEs in the Global Economy1GeneralSpring
ED85.9015Gender Analysis and Health Policy Research1GeneralSpring
ED85.9016Green Financing for Sustainability2GeneralFall