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Marine Plastics Abatement (MPA)

School of Environment Resources and Development | Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change

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This Program aims to train a new generation of environmental leaders who will help combat marine plastic litter with advanced technologies and management practices. The MPA Program is a 1-year Master degree program designed to address and achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program will provide individual coaching, creative working space, field exposures and tailor-made guidance to the students. It consists of preparatory (e-learning) courses, e-learning modules and provocative discussions with field exposures and an Intensive Summer (Winter) School Program (ISSP). The MPA will focus not only on technology of plastic waste treatment but also incorporate business management, circular economy, finance, leadership, and marine science into the program.


  • Plastic leakage and assessment
  • Upcycling and design thinking
  • Businesses on reuse/recycle/recovery of wastes
  • Marine ecosystems and plastic pollution
  • Waste-to-energy/ waste-to-resources
  • Innovations in plastic waste management
  • Health impacts of plastic pollution
  • Microplastic, microfiber
  • Recovery of marine litters 
  • Non-recyclable plastics


What are the backgrounds a student must have to attend the program?

Candidates with a Bachelor’s degree (four-year program or equivalent) in the relevant field of study from an institution of good standing acceptable to AIT, with Undergraduate grades significantly above average (GPA > 2.75 or equivalent), satisfactory physical and mental health with work experience (if any) in areas related to waste management, plastic industry, pollution control, businesses on reuse/recycle/recovery of wastes, marine ecosystems, waste-to-energy, waste-to-resources, etc. are eligible to apply.


List of courses
Minor details (no minor for MPA Program)
Course CodeCourse TitleOffered SemesterCredits (Lecture-Lab Hrs)Course Type
ED89.01Waste Compositions and CharacterizationAugust2(30-0)Required
ED89.02Plastic Litters and Public Health August1(15-0)Required
ED89.03Marine Ecosystems and Emerging PollutionAugust2(15-45)Required
ED89.04Identification and Collection of Marine Plastic WastesAugust 3(30-45)Required
ED89.05Circular Economy for Plastic Waste ManagementAugust3(45-0)Required
ED89.06Dumpsite Recovery of Plastic WastesAugust2(30-0)Required
ED89.07Plastic Waste Management Systems and TechnologyJanuary 2(30-0)General
ED89.08Non-recyclable Plastics and Management PracticesJanuary 1(15-0)General
ED89.09Plastic-to-Energy and Materials Technologies January2(30-0)General
ED89.10Stakeholder, Finance and Leadership in Plastic Waste ManagementJanuary 2(30-0)General
ED89.11Innovations in Plastic Wastes ManagementJanuary2(30-0)General
ED89.12Innovative Business Models for Plastic Waste AbatementJanuary2(30-0)General
ED89.9001Selected Topic: Dumpsite Mining of PlasticsJanuary 1(15-0)General



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