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Urban Sustainability Planning and Design (USPD)

School of Environment Resources and Development | Department of Development and Sustainability

The Master’s program in Urban Sustainability Planning and Design aims to develop the expertise and leadership of professionals in urban planning and design with a strong emphasis on evaluation and application of sustainability. Through place-based and holistic approaches, the program covers urban systems planning and design for multi-scale (incl. metropolitan and building), cross-sector (e.g., ecology, energy, material and waste, water, climate, health, food, and mobility), and multi-agent decision making, in support of integrated, evolutionary and transformational change towards sustainability.  

The participants will acquire the knowledge and develop the necessary skills through applications with advanced technology and design tools for enhancing capacity, also in specific themes, e.g., ageing society, smart communities, healthy and inclusive cities, that are essential to sustainability planning and design processes relevant in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide.


  • Urban Planning
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Urban Design
  • Climate Compatible
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Smart Energy Building
  • Urban Resilience Assessment
  • Mega-City Management
  • Urban Water Energy Food
  • Urban Environment


Both young professionals and fresh graduates from fields relevant to sustainability and environmental sciences, urban planning and design, architecture and engineering, geography, and natural and social sciences


Course TitleStatusCredit(s)InstructorSemester
Urban Environmental Management SystemsRequired3 (3-0)UEM/SERDAugust
Urban Planning and Built EnvironmentRequired3 (3-0)UEM/SERDAugust
Climate Compatible and Infrastructure DevelopmentElective3 (3-0)CCSD/SERDAugust
Smart Energy BuildingsElective3 (3-0)Energy/SERDAugust
Introduction to Development and SustainabilityElective2 (2-0)DS/SERDAugust
Water-Energy-Food NexusRequired3 (3-0)DDS/SERDJanuary
Urban Sustainability Design – Concepts and PracticesRequired3 (1-6)DDS/SERDJanuary
Mega-city Development and ManagementElective3 (3-0)UEM/SERDJanuary
Population and Health for Sustainability Planning and DesignElective3 (3-0)DDS/SERDJanuary
Managing Technology and InnovationElective3 (3-0)SOMJanuary
Information Systems Development and ManagementElective3 (3-0)ICT/SETJanuary
Urban Geography and Spatial AnalysisElective3 (2-3)UEM/SERDInter Semester
Urban Resilience AssessmentElective2 (2-0)UEM/SERDInter Semester
Urban Landscape and Sustainable TourismElective2 (2-0)DDS/SERDInter Semester
Building Information Modelling and SystemsElective2 (2-0)PM-CE/SETInter Semester