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Regenerative Sanitation (RS)

School of Environment Resources and Development | Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change

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This program focuses on the delivery of non-sewered sanitation services in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The course seeks women and men from diverse backgrounds in acknowledgement of the diversity and complexity of challenges in urban and rural sanitation worldwide.

This is a unique, accredited, internationally recognized, demand-driven and practice-orientated 1-year master’s program. That will yield graduates with fundamental understanding and knowledge, as well as the skills necessary for creating impact. In the sanitation sector through individual coaching and tailored guidance.


  • Non-sewered sanitation 
  • Sanitation technology and financing
  • Sanitation systems and services
  • Public and environmental health
  • Emergency sanitation
  • Fecal sludge management
  • Public Health and Hygiene
  • Gender in sanitation
  • Business models of sanitation
  • City-wide Inclusive sanitation


  • What are the backgrounds a student must have to attend the program?

Candidates with degrees from an institution with recognized standing preferably in sanitation engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, or related applied sciences or health science and biomedical science are eligible to apply.


List of courses
Minor details (no minor for RS Program)Offered Semester
Course CodeCourse titleOffered SemesterCredits (Lecture-Lab Hrs)Semester
ED88.01Introduction to SanitationAugust2(30-0)Required
ED88.02Sanitation Systems and ServicesAugust3(45-0)Required
ED88.03Analysis of Sanitation Flows and Public HealthAugust3(45-0)Required
ED88.04Sanitation TechnologyAugust3(45-0)Required
ED88.05Governance and Gender EqualityAugust2(30-0)Required
ED88.07Behaviour Change and AdvocacyJanuary2(30-0)General
ED88.08Project Management, Leadership and EntrepreneurshipJanuary3(45-0)General
ED88.09Emergency SanitationJanuary3(45-0)Required
ED88.10Research Methods for SanitationJanuary1(15-0)General