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Society and Environmental Governance (SEG)

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Our economic systems for development and livelihoods are heavily reliant on the planet’s environment resulting into several global change issues, such as loss of ecosystem integrity and biodiversity, together with pollution and climate change, which are today’s interconnected planetary crises undermining sustainable development and human well-being. Society needs to better understand to rejuvenate its healthy relations with environmental resources for sustainability. This requires well-designed and concerted policy packages and governance systems based on the knowledge of the resource endowment and environmental issues at various levels to enhance resource efficiency and recovery, sustainable consumption and production, and circular economy.

Society and Environmental Governance (SEG) academic program prepares the professionals and future environmental leaders to better understand the complex and dynamic linkages between environmental resources and socio-political human systems to reconcile the various perspectives for sustainable use of environmental resources through good governance by focusing on interdisciplinarity, cross-sectoral, multi-level, and multi-stakeholder perspectives of resource use and environmental cum social governance.


  • Society and Environment
  • Environmental and Social Governance 
  • Socio-ecological System
  • Resource efficiency
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Modeling
  • Decision Making
  • Green recovery and Growth


  • For Master’s Program, Undergraduate students’ qualifications should be in social sciences, development, planning, environment, humanities, and other similar backgrounds.
  • For Doctoral Program, a Master degree in any of the above disciplines


List of courses
CourseCourse TitleCreditsRemarkSemester
ED95.01Human Impact on Natural Environment3RequiredFall
ED95.02Science, Society and Environmental Governance3RequiredFall
ED95.03Resource Use and Efficiency2RequiredSpring
ED95.04Socio-ecological Systems Approach and Diagnosis2GeneralSpring
ED95.05International Environmental Governance2GeneralInterSem
ED95.06Society and Environmental Sustainability3GeneralSpring
ED95.07Environmental Policy3RequiredSpring
ED95.08Environmental Modeling and Decision Making2GeneralFall
Minor in SEG
Student should take minimum of 5 credits from Table A and the rest from Table or Table B to make a total of 12 credits
CourseCourse TitleCreditsTypeSemester
##Group A##
ED95.01Human Impact on Natural Environment3RequiredAugust
ED95.02Science, Society and Environmental Governance3RequiredAugust
ED95.03Resource Use and Efficiency2RequiredJanuary
ED95.07Environmental Policy3ElectiveJanuary
##Group B##
ED95.04Socio-ecological Systems Approach and Diagnosis2ElectiveJanuary
ED95.05International Environmental Governance3ElectiveIntersemester
ED95.06Society and Environmental Sustainability3ElectiveAugust
ED95.08Environmental modeling and Decision Making2ElectiveAugust