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Urban Innovation and Sustainability (UIS)

School of Environment Resources and Development | Department of Development and Sustainability

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Urban Innovation and Sustainability (UIS) program aims to enhance the capacity of professionals in coping with growing and complex urban needs, challenges and opportunities. Innovation refers to the development of new technologies such that they denote physical objects (e.g. products, services) and knowledge systems (e.g. methods, systems), and sustainability transition aims to meet socio-ecological system needs in ways that promote healthy ecosystems, human well-being, and viable economies. The program covers systems approach of multi-scale and cross-sector, and multi-agent connectivity and decision making. It also applies different methods of enhancing capacity, for emerging themes, e.g., ageing society, circular economy, smart buildings, responsible tourism and consumption, healthy and inclusive cities, etc.


  • Innovation and Sustainability
  • Urban Population and Health
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Urban Landscape
  • Digital Innovation for Build Environment
  • Urban Economics and Finance
  • Global Cities
  • Urban Governance
  • Urban Sustainability Design
  • Eco-Innovation


  • Master and Doctoral Program
  • Undergraduate degree in any field of study


CourseCourse TitleCreditsRemarkSemester
ED79.22Urban Environmental Planning and Management Workshop3RequiredSpring
ED79.23UEM Research Methods and Techniques1RequiredSpring
ED79.9011Global Cities and Climate Change2GeneralFall
ED79.9012Urban Geography and Spatial Analysis3GeneralSpring
ED79.9013Urban Resilience Assessment2GeneralInterSem
ED92.01Urban Systems, Innovation and Sustainability3RequiredInterSem
ED92.02Urban Planning and Design3GeneralFall
ED92.03Urban Air Quality Management2GeneralFall
ED92.04Urban Innovation and Sustainability Workshop3RequiredSpring
ED92.05Digital/ICT Innovation for Built Environment3GeneralSpring
ED92.06Urban Population and Health2GeneralSpring
ED92.07Urban Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy3GeneralSpring
ED92.08Sustainable Tourism and Urban Landscape2GeneralInterSem
ED79.01Urban Environmental Management Systems3RequiredFall
ED79.03Urban Planning and the Built-Environment3GeneralSpring
ED79.04Environmental Science and Technology for Decision Makers3GeneralFall
ED79.07Disaster Management in Urban Environmental Planning3GeneralSpring
ED79.12Management of Urban Housing, Infrastructure and Services3GeneralFall
ED79.13Strategic Environmental Assessment for Urban Development3GeneralSpring
ED79.14Governance and Urban Management3GeneralSpring
ED79.15Urban Economics and Finance3GeneralSpring
ED79.19Assessment and Implementation of Development Projects3GeneralFall
ED79.21Mega-City Development and Management3GeneralSpring
ED79.9007Urban Governance and Economics for Holistic Waste Service Delivery2GeneralInterSem
ED79.9008Spatial Analysis for Urban Environmental Management2GeneralInterSem
Minor details
A student who successfully completes the following four 12-credit courses would receive a minor in UIS (formerly UEM).
ED92.01Urban Systems, Innovation and Sustainability3RequiredInterSem
ED92.02Urban Planning and Design3GeneralFall
ED92.03Urban Air Quality Management2GeneralFall
ED92.07Urban Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy3GeneralSpring