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Yunus Professional Master’s in Social Business and Entrepreneurship (YPM – SBE)

School of Environment Resources and Development | Department of Development and Sustainability

The YPM is a one-of-a-kind Master’s program, visualized by a Nobel-winning thought-leader in Social Business and enterprise-led development, to equip mid-career professionals, working executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs for social impact business careers in the corporate, development, public, or enterprise sectors.

YPM bridges the disciplines of Sustainability and Business and is grounded in a Social Business Practicum that requires students to design and test a viable social enterprise as an end-product. The flexible instructional design combines online, in-class, and experiential learning.  Students take courses from the MS in Sustainability and the MBA programs and proceed through a Practicum offered by Yunus Center AIT and the Yunus Foundation, with 4 Masterclasses taught by Professor Muhammad Yunus.

YPM is a 30-credit professional program credentialed jointly by the AIT’s School of Environment, Resources and Development and the School of Management, and hosted by the Yunus Center AIT in collaboration with the Yunus Foundation in Thailand and the Yunus Academia Network in 95 Universities in 5 Continents.


  • Social Business
  • Impact-driven Business Careers
  • Enterprise-led Development
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Social Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • New Capitalism
  • Business and Society
  • CSR-ESG & Shared Value
  • Enterprise Solutions for SDGs


·   Anyone with a recognized bachelors’ degree, an IELTS score above 5.5, and demonstrable motivation to create social impact through enterprise is eligible to apply.

·   YPM is designed for candidates who aspire to entrepreneurial careers. Graduates may choose to start their own social businesses, or assume sought-after positions in Corporate CSR departments, NGOs, the UN system, or government agencies that seek candidates with cross-disciplinary expertise in Sustainability, Business, and Social Impact Management.


  • ​​Program Roadmap

1:   August–December:   Coursework – 6 credits at SERD; 6 credits at SOM

                                   Practicum – 3 Modules & Field Labs at Yunus

2:   January–May:       Coursework – 6 credits SERD; 6 credits SOM

                                   Practicum – 3 Modules & Field Labs at Yunus

3:   June–July:            Project/ Internship – 6 credits at SERD/ SOM

                                   Yunus Colloquium – 4 Masterclasses at Yunus

4:   August–November:   Sandbox – 7 Business Design Seminars & Mentoring at Yunus 


SERD Core courses (1 of 2 compulsory)

  • Introduction to Development & Sustainability
  • Development Policy and Practice

SERD Elective courses (remaining credits)

  • Development Economics
  • Urban Governance & Economics of Waste Service Delivery
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Gender, Enterprise, and Organizations
  • Natural Resources Economics
  • Community Development Planning
  • NGO Management Policy & Development Administration
  • Selected Topic (as advised by supervisor)

​SOM (All Electives)

  • Leadership and Organization Management
  • Strategy and Corporate Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship & New Ventures
  • Service Marketing: Competing Marketing Experiences
  • Corporate Finance
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Global Data Management 
  • Selected topic (as advised by the supervisor)

YUNUS (SB Practicum)

  • Field Lab 1: Social Problems & Traditional Solutions 
  • Case Review 1: Critique of Social Businesses around the World
  • Workshop 1: Analytical Tools for Social Business Entrepreneurs
  • Field Lab 2 Assignments with Grameen Network partners
  • Case Review 2 Reflective Review of Social Business Assignments
  • Workshop 2 Design Tools for Proof of Concept & Business Plans

YUNUS/ SERD/ SOM (Internship & Yunus Colloquium/ Sandbox/ Final Project)

  • Masterclass 1 – Economic Theories and Business Models 
  • Masterclass 2 – Entrepreneurship and Societal Development 
  • Masterclass 3 – Poverty, Inequality, & Wealth Concentration 
  • Masterclass 4 – MDGs, SDGs, and the Three Zeroes​

*Academic Requirements must be complete for enrolling in the Sandbox

  • Seminar 1 – Management Principles for Social Business 
  • Seminar 2 – Financial Management for Social Business 
  • Seminar 3 – Marketing and Social Business 
  • Seminar 4 – Developing and Managing Talent for Social Business 
  • Seminar 5 – Social Business, Innovation & Technology 
  • Seminar 6 – Social Business for the Aged & Young 
  • Seminar 7 – Social Business and the Corporate World

YPM can be completed part- time over 4 years with permission of the School Deans

Exit Options for Part-time Students

  • Successful Semester 1: YCA Professional Certificate in Enterprise-led Development
  • Successful Semester 2: YCA Professional Certificate in Sustainability & Entrepreneurship
  • Successful Inter-Semester: YCA Professional Certificate in Social Business Principles
  • Successful Sandbox: YCA Professional Certificate in Social Business Design



YPM Steering Committee

Dr. Mokbul Morshed Ahmad (SERD)

  • Development Policy and Practice
  • Community Development Planning
  • NGO Management Policy & Development Administration

Dr. Lakeesha K. Ransom (SOM)

  • Entrepreneurship & New Ventures
  • Internship
  • Final Project 

Dr. Faiz Shah (Yunus Center AIT)

  • Field Labs with Grameen Network
  • Case Reviews of Social Business
  • Developing Talent for Social Business
  • Social Business Plan Preparation

SERD Faculty

Prof. Vilas Nitivattananon

  • Introduction to Development & Sustainability
  • Urban Governance & Economics 

Prof. Nophea Sasaki

  • Introduction to Development & Sustainability

Prof. Kyoko Kusakabe

  • Introduction to Development & Sustainability
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Gender, Enterprise, and Organizations

Dr. Thi Phuoc Lai Nguyen

  • Project Planning and Management

Dr. Takuji W. Tsusaka

  • Development Economics
  • Natural Resources Economics

SOM Faculty

Dr. Roger Levermore (SOM)

  • Strategy and Corporate Sustainability

Dr. Vimolwan Yukongdi (SOM)

  • Leadership and Organization Management

Dr. Sundar Venkatesh (SOM)

  • Corporate Finance

Dr. Gerard Tocquer (SOM)

  • Service Marketing: Competing Marketing Experiences

Dr. Winai Wongsurawat (SOM)

  • Managerial Economics

Mr. Ville Pertti Kulmala (SOM)

  • Global Data Management

Mr. Benjamin Quinlan (SOM)

  • Big Data Analytics 

Dr. Alicia Herrero (SOM)

  • Managerial Economics

Yunus Academic Network Guest Faculty

Prof. Muhammad Yunus

  • Economic Theories and Business Models
  • Entrepreneurship and Societal Development
  • Poverty, In-equality, & Wealth Concentration
  • MDGs, SDGs, and the Three Zeroes

Prof. M. Jahangir Alam Chowdhury, Dhaka University

  • Finance and Financial Inclusion

Prof. Chien-wen Mark Shen, Taiwan National Central University

  • Management of Social Impact

Dr. Mai Thi Thanh Thai, HEC Montreal

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation 

Dr. Ashir Ahmad, Kyushu University

  • ICT & Pro-Poor Technologies 

Dr. Sandro Calvani, Mae Fah Luang Foundation

  • Human Rights & Social Entrepreneurship 

Dr. Soonthorn Koonchaimang, Rangsit University

  • Community & Business Impact 

Dr. Modi Gilitwala, Assumption University

  • BOP & Social Marketing 

Dr. Shahid A. Hassan, Yorkville University

  • Business Communication & Case-writing 

Dr. Rowena Alcoba, Philippine Christian University

  • Policy Analysis & Case-writing

Mr. David Galipeau, Yunus Near-Future Lab

  • Technology & Innovation

Mr. Callum Mackenzie, Yunus Thailand Foundation

  • Social Business Design


Dr. Faiz Shah, Director, Yunus Center AIT

122-E, SERD Building

Asian Institute of Technology

Km 42 Paholyothin Hwy. Klong Luang

Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand


Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +66-96-5499356