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Web and Mobile Applications for Air Quality Information

20 Feb 2023
AIT webmaster

Project budget – 8.6 million THB 

Project location– Thailand

Donor- Sithiporn Associates Company Limited

Project duration – 26 May 2022- 31 Dec 2024

Description- The Pollution Control Department began a project to develop an air quality management information system with the goal of 1) linking the exchange of air quality data from various Bangkok air quality monitoring stations and 2) sharing the information between internal and external agencies by collecting data to analyze, process, and comparison the air quality measurement results, giving rise in more accurate processing of the air quality data center before publicizing the outcomes. And allow policymakers and air quality managers to rely on cutting-edge science to establish regulations and make management decisions to reduce and control air pollution with cost-effective approaches.

The information and status of air quality will be publicized to the population in various zones via mobile and web applications that will allow people to access real-time population information in order to avoid entering the hazard zone that is highly polluted and may affect their health.