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Our students, faculty and staff are driven by the idea that their work will have an impact in the world.

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Our Asoke campus is in the heart of Bangkok

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Our lush main campus is located approximately 40 km north of Bangkok

About the school

The School of Management (SOM) provides students with flexible study options, at either of AIT’s campuses, or even while students continue to work wherever they are in Asia, attending live classes in the evenings and/or weekends via the Zoom platform.

SOM was established in 1987 to meet the growing need in Asia for graduate management education. In line with AIT’s mission, our goal within SOM is to impact the quality of management education and practices in the Asia-Pacific region. We prepare corporate managers and leaders to face the most pressing challenges of our time.

Towards the Creative Global Leaders of tomorrow

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Our mission & vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to build on long-standing core AIT competencies in technology, development, and sustainability, and to leverage the diverse backgrounds of our faculty and community. We want to help develop students to become future-focused, problem-solving, open-minded, collaborative, and critical thinkers capable of contributing to the development of industries across the region, and ultimately able to solve the complex global challenges facing humanity.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading international management school in the region, delivering excellent, relevant education that will transform the skills and mindsets of our students, in a culture where lifelong learning opportunities thrive.

Facts and figures

Faculty from 12 countries
Student from 20 countries
Alumni from 100+ countries
Professional Masters

Why study at our school

QS Global MBA Rankings No.1 in Thailand
Ranked 20th in Asia in 2022
Ranked 7 in Asia Diversity
Ranked 18 in the world in Return on Investment

A message from the dean

On behalf of all our faculty, staff, and students, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Management.

As Dean, I am honored and proud of the Asian Institute of Technology’s transformational education, building on our six-decade history of enriching business and societies across Asia and the world. This tradition centers on incorporating problem-solving in complex issues, especially relating to technology and its application – skills that today’s business community consistently identifies as a requirement that is of critical importance to the future.

Our ever-growing selection of management programs help prepare students to become executives who have the intellectual curiosity and associated skills necessary to meet our changing world’s complexities. An example of this is the infusion of courses that relate to the way analytics and technology is re-shaping the business world.

I believe in the power of education in transforming students’ lives and impacting the communities they engage with, both during and after their studies. To do that, experiential learning and analysis are the foundation for good business practices, and both serve as the basis of our curriculum.

We are fortunate to be based in the heart of a city with a profusion of warmth, color, energy, and diversity. Bangkok is a magnet for food, culture, entrepreneurship, tourism, healthcare, and a Southeast Asian center for start-ups. SOM itself is becoming a more prominent player on the regional and global scale, with our programs ranked at the highest levels (such as the top-ranked MBA by QS in 2021). Here, students can embark on their journey towards success in a host of industries, while making lifelong friends. I wish you a very pleasant start to that journey.

Dr. Roger Levermore
Vice President for Development
Dean | School of Management

Academic programs

AIT School Management offers MBA, MSc, PhD, DBA and professional Masters.

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