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A-Z Units

(To call from outside AIT, Dial 02524 followed by Ext)
Admission and Scholarships (Office of Student Affairs)5032, 5033, 5037, 5024[email protected]
AgriBusiness Management Program5450[email protected]
Agricultural Systems & Engineering Program5450[email protected]
AIT Alumni Association5058[email protected]
AIT Center of Vietnam84 (0) 90 665 7070[email protected]
AIT Entrepreneurship Center5322[email protected]
AIT Extension5338, 5339[email protected]
AIT International School5984[email protected]
AIT Library5851[email protected]
AIT Solutions6388[email protected]
Aqua Center5221, 5222[email protected]
Aquaculture and Aquatic Resources Management Program5489, 5452[email protected]
Artificial Intelligence Technology Center5689, 2121[email protected]
Asian Center for Engineering Computations (ACECOMS, AIT Solutions)5539, 6416[email protected]
Asian Center for Soil Improvement and Geosynthetics5523[email protected]
Asian Center of Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification5823, 5826[email protected]
Auxiliary Services5026, 6323[email protected]
Cafeteria (Office of Facilities and Assets Management)5814[email protected]
Call Center (Office of Facilities and Assets Management)5800[email protected]
Career Center (Office of Student Affairs)6326, 6744[email protected]
Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology5617, 6625[email protected]
Climate Change and Sustainable Development Program6165[email protected], ,[email protected]
Computer Science Program5700, 5717[email protected]
Construction, Engineering and Infrastructure Management Program 6060[email protected]
Data Science and AI Program5700, 5717[email protected]
Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering6054, 6053[email protected]
Department of Development and Sustainability5668, 5610, 5606, 6387, 5612[email protected]
Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change5407, 5440, 5642, 5646[email protected]
Department of Food, Agriculture, and BioResources5488[email protected]
Department of Information and Communication Technologies5700, 5717[email protected]
Energy Program5407, 5440[email protected], [email protected]
Environmental Engineering and Management Program5642, 5646[email protected]
Food Engineering and Bioprocess Technology Program5488[email protected]
Gender and Development Studies Program5668[email protected]
Geoinformatics Center6195, 5580[email protected]
Geosystem Exploration and Petroleum Geoengineering Program6057[email protected]
Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering Program6057[email protected]
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory (GTE Lab)5505
Government Relations Unit (Office of Host Country Relations)5022 , 5014[email protected]
Habitech Center (AIT Solutions)5621[email protected]
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Program5694, 6601, 6606[email protected]
Department of Industrial Systems Engineering Program5694, 6601, 6606[email protected]
Information and Communications Technologies (Interdisciplinary Program)5733[email protected]
Information Management Program5700, 5717[email protected]
Internal Auditor (Office of Institute Secretary)6309[email protected]
Internet Education and Research Laboratory (intERLab)5380, 6611[email protected]
Language Center6623, 6624, 5887[email protected]
Mail Office (Office of Facilities and Assets Management)5094[email protected]
Mechatronics Program5694, 6601, 6606[email protected]
Medical Center5286, 5288, 5290[email protected]
Microelectronics and Embedded Systems Program5694, 6601, 6606[email protected]
Motor and Labour Pool (Office of Facilities and Assets Management)5843[email protected]
Nanotechnology Program5617, 6625[email protected]
Natural Resources Management Program5668, 5610, 5606, 6387, 5612[email protected]
Office of Academic Administration6304[email protected]
Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs6302, 6318, 6336[email protected], [email protected]
Office of Facilities and Assets Management5818, 6008, 5988 head-[email protected]
Office of Finance6346, 5038[email protected]
Office of Human Resources Services5019, 5057, 5018, 5068[email protected]
Office of Institute Secretary6002[email protected]
Office of International Affairs5010[email protected], [email protected]
Office of Procurement, Inventory and AssetsPurchasing: 5027, 5028, 5029, 5096[email protected]
Fixed Assets & Store: 5042, 5808, 5809
Office of Public Affairs5830[email protected]
Office of Student Affairs5034[email protected]
Office of Thailand Affairs5073, 6119[email protected]
Office of the President6319, 6001[email protected]
Regional and Rural Development Planning Program6387[email protected]
Regional Resource Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RRC.AP)6246, 5368[email protected]
Registry (Office of Student Affairs)5034[email protected]
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Program5577, 5591[email protected]
School of Engineering and Technology6054, 6053[email protected]
School of Engineering and Technology – Dean’s Office6054, 6053[email protected]
School of Environment, Resources and Development6069, 6070, 6072[email protected]
School of Environment, Resources and Development – Dean’s Office6069, 6070, 6072[email protected]
School of Management6183[email protected]
School of Management – Dean’s Office6183, 6374[email protected]
Special Degree Programs / Unified Programs6313[email protected]
Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society (SEAGS), School of Engineering and Technology5864[email protected]
Staff Accommodation Unit (Office of Facilities and Assets Management)5093, 5848, 5817[email protected]
Structural Engineering Program6052
Student Accomodation unit (Office of Facilities and Assets Management)5093, 5848, 5817[email protected]
Telecommunication Engineering Program5733[email protected]
Transportation Engineering Program6051[email protected]
Undergraduate Program5333[email protected]
Urban Environmental Management Program5668, 5610, 5606[email protected]
Water Engineering and Management Program6146, 6599[email protected]
Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System (WEMS) Secretariat, AIT Solutions6388, 6655[email protected]