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Research Overview

Recognized as one of the leading academic institutes in the field of sustainability in Asia, AIT through its research projects, thrives to take-on new research frontiers to build a better knowledge base and facilitate actions towards the sustainable development of the region. With an aim to make a significant and lasting difference to the communities, AIT’s research projects are designed to bolster technology development and application, environmental conservation, policy innovation thus promoting sustainability and sustainable development around Asia and beyond.

AIT equipped with over six-decade-long research and academic experience has effectively built and strengthened regional and international partnerships, bridged interdisciplinary teams through its partnerships to address regional and global challenges AIT research is importantly aligned to all 17 SDG’s, contributing to the sustainable development of the region, strengthening the knowledge development and business capacity, and supporting communities with their economic development and integration into the global economy. AIT focuses on assisting stakeholders build their capacity to promote sustainability through appropriate technology, relevant and applied research, sustainable frameworks for development and planning, informed policy making and practice applications in the region. AIT’s five thematic areas of research are, namely, Climate Change; Smart Communities; Infrastructure; Technology, Policy, Society and Water-Energy-Food.