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Our services and facilities support staff, students and visitors to the University. In addition, Various shops and stores can be found on the campus.


Students have full access to the Institute’s modern library, equipped with everything a student could ask for. The AIT Library also has an outdoor knowledge garden, which can be used by students if they want to have a quick breath of fresh air, or who would like some outdoor studying.

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AIT Student Union provides many sources of entertainment – welcome parties, the welcome trip, scavenger hunt, and relaxation parties in AIT’s very own SU Café. They also organize Grand trips every semester to many famous places in Thailand – of course offered at student friendly prices! Many events like Cultural Shows and Food fairs help students to get to know about other cultures.

Prayer Rooms

This will ensure AIT students and staff of all faiths will reliably find dedicated spaces to pray and practice their faith. These are safe spaces available for AIT staff and students to meet, pray, reflect, meditate or simply take some time for yourself.

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Facility Management Unit

In support of the University mission and goals, Facility management unit provides services to plan, operate and maintain the buildings, grounds and infrastructure to standards that are sustainable and supportive of education and research.

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