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AIT campus offers many opportunities for sports activities.

On-campus living at AIT

High-quality on campus accommodations are available in different types, such as air-conditioned or non air-conditioned; cooking or non cooking, and single or double occupancy — all rooms are fully furnished with regular maintenance services. Weekly cleaning service is also available.

Accommodation facilities & service

  • Campus accommodation with air-conditioned/non air-conditioned & cooking/non cooking rooms*
  • Provides following maintenance services
  • Electrical equipment, furniture, sanitary, building maintenance, gas delivery
  • Weekly cleaning services
  • Linens provision and laundry service (2 bedsheets, 2 towels, and 1 Pillowcase) except Category 2 (Dorm E, J, K) and SV Married Units.

Special accommodation facility for disabled

  • Accommodation suitable for disabled, wheelchair users and those needing extra space for special equipment are available (4 non-air-conditioned in Dorm C and 4 air-conditioned in Dorm X and Y)


  • Pets are not allowed in dorms. Do not feed any stray animals.
  • No cooking allowed in non-cooking dorm.
  • No subletting of room! Subletting will result in eviction from the student accommodation.
  • Always lock your room when you leave. For bicycle owners, Please park properly and lock your bike.
  • Before leaving the rooms, make sure that all electric appliances, gas appliances and water are turned off.

How to apply?

For new incoming students, accommodation will be allocated upon arrival and there is no need to register to queue for the preferred room type.

For continuing students: Please register to queue for the preferred room type at the accommodation office. For more details, please refer to student handbook or contact the Office of Facilities and Assets Management.