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Cultural diversity

Explore a variety of programs, services, and centers on campus that foster our uniquely diverse and engaged community.

Prayer rooms

This will ensure AIT students and staff of all faiths will reliably find dedicated spaces to pray and practice their faith. These are safe spaces available for AIT staff and students to meet, pray, reflect, meditate or simply take some time for yourself.

Cultural shows

Each year, our cultural student organizations provide campus-wide programming to celebrate diversity. These shows typically happen once a year and are a great opportunity to join together and learn about another culture.

  • Name of the featured cultural show
  • Name of the featured cultural show

International food festival

The International Food Festival celebrates the diversity of our campus community with an equally diverse range of delicious food from across the world. In the event, there are a lot of National foods from various countries and amazing with unique cultural performance from a large number of students, both Thai and international.