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Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC)

AIT Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) aims to drive and operationalize the vision, aims, and goals indicated in the AIT Sustainability Policy as well as, leads toward the realization of the Concept Note of “Botanical Garden Campus Towards Net Zero”, and will share these plans with the broader AIT community for adoption and implementation.  The CSC is entrusted to design, plan, develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate various sustainability initiatives through the Office of Sustainable Campus, which will provide the necessary support to this Committee.

Team Members

Prof Kazuo Yamamoto, President and CSC Chair
Prof Anil K Anal, Professor, SERD/FAB, Bioresources expert
Prof P Abdul Salam, Professor, SERD/EECC, Energy expert
Prof Nophea Sasaki, Professor, SERD/DS, Land use & forest expert
Prof Thammarat Koottatep, Professor, SERD/EECC, Wastewater expert
Prof Sangam Shrestha, Professor, SET/CIE, Water & sanitation expert
Prof Kunnawee Kanitpong, Professor, SET/CIE, Transportation expert
Dr Wenchao Xue, Associate Professor, SERD/EECC, Wastewater expert
Dr Chutiporn Anutariya, Associate Professor, SET/ICT, Data science &Al expert
Dr Joyee Chatterjee, Associate Professor, SERD/DS, Gender & culture expert
Mr Shawn Kelly, OIPA Executive Director
Mr Wanchai Sophonsakulrat, OFAM Director
Mr Sanjeet Amatya, PA Director
Ms Izel Ann Dante, OAA Director
Dr. Kavinda Gunasekara, Chief Operating Officer, GWSC, Water & sanitation expert
Mr. Solomon Huno, Senior Program Officer, RR.CAP, Waste Management expert
Ms. Aprilia Nidia Rinasti, Research Associate, GIC, Remote Sensing &GIS expert
Mr. Aditya Goaundalka, Student Representative
Ms Sireesha Bantu, OSC Director, CSC Secretary