Geoinformatics Center

About GIC

The Geoinformatics Center was established in 1999 as the restructuring of two outreach centers at AIT : the GIS Application Center and the Asian Center for research or remote sensing. As the years passed, GIC solidified its position at AIT by becoming a school level enter in 2008, and later an institution level center in 2015. Today, GIC combines its expertise in applications of remote sensing and GIS with emerging technologies to maintain its status as an industry leader in the region.

Our mission & vision


to empower countries in the Asia-Pacific region to achieve sustainability with geospatial solution


to become the Asia-Pacific’s leading center for geospatial solutions

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  • Performance-based Seismic Design
  • Structural System Development & Code-based Design Review
  • Wind Tunnel Testing
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Computational Modeling and Analysis of Complex
  • Structural Systems
  • Structural Failure Investigations
  • Software Development & IT
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

  • Disaster Management
  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Capacity Building