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 International Conference on “Gender, Geopolitics and Forced Migration” 

04 Mar 2024

Centre on Gender and Forced Displacement (CGFD) at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand would like to invite you to participate in the International Conference on “Gender, Geopolitics, and Forced Migration” to be held on 04-05 March 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference marks International Women’s Month 2024 to “Inspire Inclusion” to forge Gender Equality by arguing for a gender-sensitive approach to geopolitics in international relations, foreign policy making, and national politics. 

Taking feminist perspectives on war, conflicts, displacements, migration, and peace, the three-fold objectives of the conference are

  1. To Investigate the gendered assumptions/stereotypes in the study of forced migration, displacements, international relations, and national and foreign policy making, including their explicit geopolitical and biopolitical reasoning and how political spatialization renders women and vulnerable groups even more vulnerable. 
  2. To examine the implications of militarized notions of territorial citizenship, using the masculinist ideas of power, space, and security and feminine representations of peace, security, and victimhood. 
  3. To explore how the practical everyday implications of geopolitics and biopolitics and their intersectionalities impact the causes and consequences of displacements.