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Photo Essay Competition

20 Nov 2022

Tell a story through photos!

The AIT School of Environment, Resources, and Development, through the AIT Gender Equality Movers Society (AIT GEMS), is now officially opening the 2022 AIT 16 Days of Activism Photo Essay contest which aims to unveil positive masculinity in ending violence against cisgender women, cisgender girls, cisgender men, and the LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Storytelling creates a bond between the giver and the receiver. It instills moral values and allows people to reflect and learn new things. One of the forms of storytelling is photographic storytelling or photo essay, which has the potential to shape the way viewers think, act, and feel.

See the posters for details

Entries must be submitted to st122446@ait.asia by 20th November 2022 with details as needed.